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Who Is Responsible For Injured Subcontractors?

Most individuals know who they work for and who is responsible if they are injured on the job. For subcontracted employees, the answers to these questions may not always be so obvious. Unfortunately, each year many American workers find themselves injured on the job without clear knowledge of who is responsible for their workers’ compensation claim. This little-known area of law has a big impact on subcontracted employees.

At The Townsley Law Firm, our highly skilled attorneys have the experience needed to handle all types of workers’ compensation cases. We can help you identify your statutory employer and get the compensation your injury deserves.

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We Can Answer Your Statutory Employer Questions

In order to get jobs done on schedule, many employers subcontract out their trade workers to provide needed help. Generally speaking, then, workers’ compensation would come from whoever actually employs the employee, which could be the subcontractor as opposed to the main company doing the work. Unless these companies have formed a statutory agreement within an employee’s contract, an injured employee may be able to seek compensation from both companies.

Sorting through these complexities is difficult when you are simply trying to heal. Without the help of a highly skilled work injury attorney, these differences can mean everything to your claim and compensation. When questions with your workers’ compensation claim arise, seek the help of an attorney from The Townsley Law Firm. Our knowledge is your power, and our diligence means helping you get compensation.

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With a dedicated and reliable lawyer from The Townsley Law Firm, the process can be made easier, faster and less stressful for you during this already difficult time. We have helped so many hardworking people just like you with their workers’ compensation cases.

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