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Truck Accidents Often Cause Serious Injuries Due To Size

A fully loaded 18-wheeler weighing 40 tons has the potential for massive destruction. Because of the danger to other motorists, trucking companies and over-the-road truck drivers are strictly regulated by state and federal laws.

When truckers and their employers put profit over safety by breaking the rules and pushing the limits, the accidents tend to be catastrophic or fatal. The accident attorneys at The Townsley Law Firm in Lake Charles focus a substantial amount of their practice on complex 18-wheeler-accident cases and have secured numerous significant verdicts and settlements.

Founding attorney Rex Townsley has more than 35 years of experience in truck accident cases. Call The Townsley Law Firm at 337-377-0584 for a free initial consultation.

We represent clients injured in tractor trailer accidents on I-10, I-210, I-90 and throughout southwest Louisiana.

Our auto accident team has held numerous transportation firms and corporations accountable for serious personal injury and wrongful death in commercial truck accidents, including accidents involving timber trucks, dump trucks, petroleum trucks and chemical trucks.

Insurance Carriers Will Be Aggressive. So Will We.

Insurance carriers fight 18-wheeler crash cases hard because they know these cases tend to result in large settlements and verdicts. We fight back.

We invest the time and resources to win full compensation for our clients. If necessary, our proven trial lawyers will go all the way to a jury to obtain justice.

Experience Matters In Complicated Truck Accident Cases

Truck accident cases are unlike other personal injury cases. There are many factors at play. For example, you may be able to sue the truck driver for his or her negligent actions, but there may also be other liable parties, such as a trucking company. Truck and dump truck accidents also tend to involve more serious injuries, requiring the help of an experienced legal team that has the time and resources necessary to fight for full compensation.

Our attorneys have the background and knowledge to ask the right questions and demand certain documentation such as driver logbooks, truck maintenance records, “black box” crash data and driving history.

We work with accident reconstruction specialists and trucking industry experts to establish liability. In cases of major injury, we also work with medical experts, life-care planners, economists and other professionals to determine damages for medical care, lost income, disability, and pain and suffering.

What Caused Your Truck Accident?

Truck drivers are under pressure to cover more miles and meet deadlines. Trucking firms often cut corners to make more money. We excel at identifying the causation of trucking accidents such as:

  • Driver fatigue from exceeding federal limits on hours behind the wheel
  • Driver error such as unsafe speed, unsafe lane changes or tailgating
  • Intoxicated or distracted driving, including cellphone use while driving
  • Worn brakes, bald tires and other neglected maintenance
  • Excess weight or improperly loaded freight
  • Unqualified truck drivers (negligent hiring and training)

We will pursue actions against all liable parties, such as separate owners of the truck cab and trailer, other motorists who contributed to the crash, and state or local governments responsible for dangerous roadways tracing to construction detours or unsafe highway design.

We’re Familiar With Louisiana Freeways

Lake Charles lies along a vital commerce corridor that connects southern states along the Gulf Coast, regularly traveled by 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. The highway system includes Interstate 10, which passes through Lake Charles, connecting the city with Sulphur, Vinton and Orange to the west, and Iowa, Jennings and Crowley to the east. Interstate 210 loops through the southern half of Lake Charles. U.S. Highway 90 runs roughly parallel with I-10, and U.S. Highway 171 connects the city with DeRidder to the north.

Our attorneys are natives of southwest Louisiana who are familiar with the freeways, highways and feeder roads in Calcasieu Parish, Jefferson Davis Parish and beyond. We care about the communities we serve, and our local knowledge is an important advantage when we take on out-of-state trucking companies and insurance companies.

Contact Our Truck Accident Law Firm In Lake Charles

For a free consultation with a Lake Charles 18-wheeler accident attorney, call The Townsley Law Firm at 337-377-0584 or email our firm.