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Why Applying For Social Security Disability Is The Right Choice

It takes some people with disabilities time to come to the conclusion that applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) is the right thing to do. People with relatively new injuries or illnesses often believe that SSD is a “government handout,” and pride stands in the way of filing legitimate claims. In fact, Social Security Disability Insurance is very much like any type of insurance. If you have worked for years, paying into the system, you are eligible to apply for benefits if you become disabled and qualify.

If you qualify, apply and have your claim accepted, Social Security Disability payments can bridge the gap left from the income you are no longer able to earn by working. A qualifying disability may be the result of an accident or it may be caused by a developing medical condition. Straightforward instructions on how to apply can be found on the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s website. Help is also available at SSA offices, such as the one at 825 Ryan Street in Lake Charles.

Many Claims Are Initially Denied

You should be ready to apply for SSD benefits once it is clear that a disability prevents you from continuing to work full time. It is helpful to know that the vast majority of claims are initially denied. If you are experiencing difficulties in the application process, we welcome your call. We can offer advice and let you know what to do next if your claim is denied.

The Townsley Law Firm represents people whose SSD applications have been denied. Do not become discouraged if your application is rejected the first time. Once you are ready to appeal denial of your SSD claim, our law firm can represent you in the necessary administrative hearing.

We have helped many clients overcome claim denials. We can represent you on a contingency basis in an appeal after an SSD claim has been denied. A successful appeal can bring about a lump-sum payment of back benefits. Our attorneys’ fees come from your payout of back benefits. You will not owe lawyers’ fees until and unless we succeed at recovering benefits for you.

Get Advice On Applying For SSD And Appealing Denials

There is no charge for our advice during an initial consultation. Email our office in Lake Charles at 337-377-0584 to schedule an opportunity to speak with one of our attorneys.