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Neck And Back Injuries Can Be Debilitating

The injury may heal with rest and therapy. It may require surgical intervention or long-term disability. It could lead to permanent work restrictions or total disability. With so much at stake and so much uncertainty, you need to hire an experienced workplace injury attorney to advocate for your rights.

The Townsley Law Firm in Lake Charles represents injured workers in Calcasieu Parish and throughout southwest Louisiana. We help clients obtain entitled benefits under workers’ compensation. We also explore personal injury lawsuits against third parties outside the scope of employment.

We understand the medical and legal aspects of back and neck injuries. Contact us today for a free initial consultation at 337-377-0584.

Neck And Back Injuries Appear In Many Forms

Our lawyers know that back and neck injuries can be chronic and genuinely disabling. We have helped clients obtain workers’ compensation benefits and personal injury damages for:

  • Herniated disk
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Neck sprain (whiplash)
  • Back strain
  • Sciatic pain (pinched nerve)
  • Spinal cord injury/nerve damage

Back injuries are among the most common work-related injuries. Back injuries are also among the most frequently denied claims for workers’ compensation. Unlike a broken bone or other visible injuries, back and neck injuries are not outwardly apparent. Workers are accused of faking or exaggerating injuries or lingering on disability. Many claims are challenged as preexisting conditions or not work-related. Our legal team works with clients and doctors to obtain additional medical evidence to satisfy employers and workers’ comp insurers.

Compensation Must Cover Current Costs And Future Needs

We will fight for coverage of past and future medical care, including discectomy surgery or fusion surgery, chiropractic care, pain management and other treatments. We also seek the maximum disability rating or maximum settlement.

When a work accident is caused by the negligence of a third party, we pursue personal injury damages above and beyond workers’ compensation. Our attorneys also pursue remedies under the Jones Act and maritime law for injured seamen and offshore drilling workers.

Committed To Your Back Injury Or Neck Injury Recovery

Our goal is to take care of the legal and insurance issues so that clients can focus on recovering from their injuries. To explore your possible claims, call our Lake Charles neck and back injuries attorneys at 337-377-0584 or email us online.