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Lake Charles Insurance Claim Denied Attorney

The majority of Social Security Disability claimants are denied on initial application. This is the de facto policy of the Social Security Administration (SSA) to discourage and weed out people who are not truly disabled. Unfortunately, millions of legitimate claims are wrongly rejected or denied for lack of proper documentation.

The Townsley Law Firm can step in to advocate for you in hearings and appeals. Our disability attorney knows how to augment your medical records and satisfy the SSA that you meet the criteria. Based in Lake Charles, we handle claims for SSDI and SSI impairments throughout the surrounding parishes of southwest Louisiana.

Was your Social Security Disability Insurance claim denied? Contact us for a free initial consultation at 337-377-0584.

Calcasieu Parish, Lake Charles And Southwest Louisiana Appeals Of Denied Claims For Social Security Disability

The SSA denies claims for many reasons. It is assumed that younger individuals can learn a new trade if they can’t return to their previous line of work. Many claims are denied because of incomplete or conflicting information. Other claimants do not meet the listed criteria or qualify under other provisions such as residual functional capacity.

We can guide clients through the process:

  • Initial application — Since the majority of claimants are turned down, we encourage clients to file their own claims and to continue seeing their doctors.
  • Denial of benefits — If the SSA formally rejects the claim, we can evaluate the medical records and whether you meet the listing.
  • ALJ hearing — There is no Reconsideration step in Louisiana. If a claim is denied, we can proceed directly to requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge. It may take anywhere from three to 12 months to get a hearing. At the hearing, the judge will ask questions about your disabling condition, work history and work attempts. The SSA’s doctors and vocational specialists will give their opinions. Our disability attorney is skilled at cross-examining those experts to cast doubt on their assessments.

    The judge will rule on the case within a matter of weeks. If the ruling is favorable, you are approved for SSDI or SSI benefits retroactive to the filing date or date of disability.

  • Appeals — An adverse ruling at the ALJ level can be appealed to the SSA’s Appeals Council. If the Appeals Council upholds the ALJ decision, the claim can be appealed to federal court. The success rate beyond the hearing level is relatively low, but we will pursue viable appeals.

Experienced Disability Denial of Claim Lawyer

Remember that most people are initially denied, but a good percentage of those who pursue their appeals are eventually approved. Your chances are dramatically improved by hiring a lawyer who regularly takes on the SSA and wins.

Contact our Lake Charles attorney if your disability insurance claim was denied. We offer a free consultation at 337-377-0584, or you can contact us online.