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Our Attorneys Seek Compensation If You’ve Lost Someone To Surgical Death

When surgery results in death, family members naturally want and deserve clear answers to the burning question of “Why?”

Reasonable people understand that sometimes death occurs unpredictably — perhaps because a patient was sick and weak to begin with, unable to tolerate the stress of an operation. However, sometimes a detailed investigation shows that death occurred because of a medical mistake. When this is the case, families may be able to collect compensation from responsible parties: perhaps a nurse, a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, a hospital or a drug manufacture.

More Than Just Monetary Loss

Proceeds from a wrongful death claim cannot right the wrong of an accidental death of a husband, wife, mother, father, son or daughter, but a medical malpractice case may help prevent future similar fatal accidents.

Financial compensation can also help a family cope with losses and expenses such as:

  • Final medical bills
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Loss of companionship

Did You Lose Your Loved One?

If you lost a loved one through surgical death in Louisiana, The Townsley Law Firm can help you find out how this happened:

  • Was it because of omissions or errors during the preoperative proceedings? For example, did the hospital fail to obtain informed consent from the patient or health care agent?
  • Was it because of an error during surgery? For example, did the surgeon nick an intestine during gall bladder surgery?
  • Was it because of omission after surgery? For example, did a doctor fail to diagnose and treat a post-operative infection in a timely manner?

Answers to your questions can form the basis of a successful medical malpractice-related wrongful death claim.

Talk To A Lawyer

After the loss of a family member due to surgical death, it is important not to face the insurance companies alone. Contact our Lake Charles medical malpractice and wrongful death lawyers at 337-377-0584 for a free initial consultation. You can also email our attorneys through this website. We are available to help.