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Lake Charles Attorneys For Quadriplegic And Paraplegic Injuries

A spinal cord injury has a drastic and permanent impact on the person and the whole family. The compensation from a personal injury lawsuit should reflect the medical, financial and personal toll.

The Townsley Law Firm has represented people with quadriplegic and paraplegic injuries from auto accidents, industrial accidents, maritime accidents and other catastrophic incidents. We battle insurance companies, employers, manufacturers and other entities for the comprehensive damages our clients need.

If your loved one suffered a spinal cord injury, contact our experienced Lake Charles personal injury lawyers for a free consultation at 337-377-0584.

Spinal Cord And Paraplegic Injuries Law Firm

Westlake, Lake Charles And Southwest Louisiana

People who are quadriplegic from high cervical injuries lose their ability to work and live independently, and may require assisted breathing or round-the-clock nursing care. People who have suffered paraplegic injuries may go on to lead productive lives, but they also require many services to adapt to the injury.

We work with life care planners, economists, neurological specialists, physical therapists, mental health professionals and other professionals to address the needs of our spinal cord injury clients:

  • Nursing home care, private nursing or assisted living
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Psychiatric care and counseling
  • Medications and medical equipment
  • Home modifications and special vans
  • Loss of projected earnings
  • Vocational retraining
  • Damages for pain and suffering and lost enjoyment of life

Compensation For Economic Security And Quality Of Life

There is currently no cure for a severed or damaged spinal cord. However, a quadriplegic or paraplegic injury does create ongoing health concerns. Our attorneys have a medical background that helps us portray the full impact of the injury and the future needs of our client. We are committed to securing verdicts and settlements that will not only meet those basic needs but also improve quality of life.

Call 337-377-0584 or contact us online to discuss your case with our Lake Charles and Westlake quadriplegic and paraplegic injuries attorneys. We offer a free consultation, including home or hospital visits.