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Emergency Room Mistakes Can Be Life Threatening — Seek Compensation

When people are rushed into the emergency room, their anxiety and fear can be somewhat alleviated knowing they are in the hands of trained medical professionals. The last thing a patient expects is for an ER doctor or nurse to make a serious mistake causing further injury. And the last thing family members expect is for ER negligence to cause the death of a loved one.

As much as we all regard emergency room staff for the incredible work they do every day, medical professionals are not infallible. And when medical negligence or mistakes occur in the ER causing injury or death, the responsible parties and their insurers need to be held accountable.

Overcoming The Challenges Of ER Negligence Cases

The truth is, medical negligence and malpractice cases can be very hard to win. Plaintiffs need to prove that a standard of care was violated and have the backing of another medical specialist to validate this claim.

At The Townsley Law Firm, we never back down from a challenge. We have a strong medical negligence practice dedicated to obtaining justice for injured patients and their families. Our law firm has handled malpractice cases at numerous medical facilities in South West Louisiana, including most of the hospitals in the Lake Charles area and Beauregard Parish.

Just because the emergency room is a fast-paced and high-stress environment, it does not release doctors and medical staff from their responsibilities to do no harm.

Types Of Emergency Room Negligence Cases

Our lawyers are ready to help you address any number of emergency room errors, including those involving:

  • Missing a diagnosis can result in death or complications
  • Inaccurate diagnosis for a patient causing them unnecessary harm
  • Improperly treating or identifying fractures and broken bones
  • Mistakes in prescribing or administering medications
  • Failure to call a specialist when needed
  • Failure to order proper medical tests
  • Sending people home when they are having a heart attack or stroke

We Take ER Mistakes Seriously

With any severe injury, it is important not to face the insurance companies alone. Reach out to us by email, or call us at 337-377-0584 to speak with our Lake Charles and Sweet Lake emergency room negligence attorneys. We offer free consultations and are ready to help.