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Advocates For Victims Of Refinery Explosions

Louisiana is a state with many oil, gas and mineral refineries. The current economic boom is associated with increased gas and oil extraction activity involving refineries. The Townsley Law Firm is a valuable source of information and advocacy for people who have been injured in refinery explosions and other industrial accidents in our state. We also represent family members in the event of fatalities caused by refinery explosions. Contact us to learn how we can help you file a wrongful death claim or a catastrophic injury claim.

If our law firm represents you after a refinery explosion, we are prepared to dig in and initiate a detailed investigation. Our lawyers are ready to work hard to find out how it happened, who is responsible and how to pursue compensation most effectively. You may have more than a workers’ compensation case. Answers to these questions can lay the foundation for a successful injury claim or wrongful death claim. If we uncover evidence of third-party negligence, your chances of a successful recovery of compensation may be greatly improved.

Insurers May Give You The Runaround

Do not be surprised if your own insurance company — or a negligent party’s insurance company — seeks to put obstacles in your way when you try to file an injury claim. Insurers often waste time by passing the buck back and forth. Meanwhile, injury victims are in need of cash to pay medical bills and carry on without earnings.

Our Law Firm Can Help You Obtain Compensation In A Timely Manner

The Townsley Law Firm has ample experience cutting through bureaucracy on behalf of injury victims. If we represent you, we will aim to get past the blockades that many accident victims encounter when they try to obtain compensation. Our goals align with yours: We want to see you fully compensated for your injuries and losses, in a timely manner, after a refinery explosion accident.

We Offer No-Obligation Consultations

After any severe injury, it is important not to face the insurance companies alone. Email our Lake Charles refinery explosion attorneys at 337-377-0584 for a free initial consultation. We are ready to help you pursue maximum available compensation.