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Victims Of Effects Of Vaccine Can Seek Government Compensation

Vaccines have had a profound impact on modern society, effectively extinguishing certain viruses and contributing to an increased life span. However, for all of the benefits that come from vaccines, there are certain people who may experience serious adverse reactions to these medications. Congress has recognized this fact and has created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). The VICP is a no-fault plan that is designed to financially compensate individuals who have suffered harm from receiving a vaccination.

At The Townsley Law Firm, our Lake Charles vaccine injury compensation attorneys provide experienced representation to individuals throughout the U.S. who have been injured due to a vaccine. We are committed to helping you get the financial assistance you need in order to recover and to begin moving forward with your life.

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Dedicated Representation For All Vaccine-Related Claims

Most people receive vaccines without suffering any serious or long-term adverse reactions. However, some people may experience severe vaccine side effects, including:

  • Serious allergic reactions
  • Severe injection site inflammation
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Encephalopathy
  • Brain damage
  • Seizure
  • Coma

In order to recover financial damages from a VICP claim, you must have received a vaccine that is covered by the VICP, the vaccine must have caused the injury or have significantly exacerbated an existing condition, and your injury must not have come about as the result of any other cause. Our attorneys will thoroughly review your situation to determine whether you may qualify under this program.

Do Not Delay Seeking Legal Help

Claims brought under the VICP are subject to a three-year statute of limitations. This means that you must file a claim within three years from when you have first experienced symptoms. That is why it is important to get qualified legal help as soon as possible. The sooner you speak with us, the sooner we are able to begin fighting to help you get compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Get A Free Consultation With A Vaccination Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered serious side effects following a vaccination, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Email our attorneys online or call 337-377-0584, toll free at 800-216-6808, to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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