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Medical Negligence Can Cause Birth Injuries

Advances in medical technology have made it easier to anticipate complications of pregnancy, labor and delivery. When the doctors, nurses and technicians entrusted with the baby’s care fail to see the signs or fail to follow proper procedure, permanent disabilities or death may result.

If you believe your baby was harmed through medical negligence, The Townsley Law Firm can help you pursue justice. Our attorneys have successfully sued physicians and hospitals for medical malpractice resulting in birth injury or infant death. Our Lake Charles law firm represents parents throughout southwest Louisiana.

Do you have grounds for a birth injury lawsuit? Call our medical malpractice lawyers at 337-377-0584 for a free consultation.

Firm With Unique Medical Training

The Townsley Law Firm is a leader in medical malpractice litigation, including birth injury cases. Our legal team brings decades of collective legal experience as well as unique medical training and insights. This enables us to hold obstetricians (OB-GYN physicians), nurses and medical centers accountable for:

  • Cerebral palsy and other brain injury
  • Erb’s palsy and other nerve damage
  • Other birth defects or complications of delivery
  • Complications during birth
  • Stillbirth or neonatal death
  • Injury or death of the mother

Children with birth injuries may require physical therapy, surgery, round-the-clock care and special services. We work to secure compensation for future care, for disability, for the child’s pain and suffering and for the parents’ mental anguish. Our verdicts and settlements include recoveries for birth injuries and wrongful death.

Demonstrating Medical Malpractice In Labor And Delivery

The defense lawyers for physicians, hospitals and their insurance carriers will attempt to discredit or downplay the lawsuit. The Townsley Law Firm works with qualified OB-GYN specialists and other medical professionals to evaluate cases and provide expert witness testimony.

We know how to read the medical records and how to uncover what was omitted or altered. Birth injuries may trace to prenatal care, such as errors in ultrasounds or failure to stop pre-term labor. Cerebral palsy usually stems from oxygen deprivation during labor, such as delay in performing a C-section. Erb’s palsy typically results from improper delivery technique when the baby is stuck in the birth canal.

Do You Have A Birth Injury Case?

We are known throughout Louisiana for our results in medical negligence lawsuits, and for our compassionate support of clients throughout the process. For a free consultation and case evaluation, call our Lake Charles birth injury attorneys at 337-377-0584 or email us online.