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Workplace accident causes chemical burns to three contractors

Louisiana has many jobs in the energy sector and many of these jobs can be risky for workers. Because these jobs are often associated with explosive material, dangerous substances, situations where people can fall from great heights, the use of heavy equipment and locations that could be rife with hazards, it is natural that people will occasionally suffer injuries. When there is a workplace accident, it is imperative for the workers and their families to know about workers' compensation benefits.

According to a recent report, three workers were hurt at a chemical plant for Exxon Mobil Corp. when they suffered burns. The burns came from contact with sulfuric acid. The workers were contractors for the company. A spokesman for the Department of Environmental Quality said that there were no issues offsite after the incident. A spokeswoman for the company said that the workers were first treated by emergency staff at the location. Two went to the hospital to be evaluated. The third went to a clinic. The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Pastor hit by pickup while jogging killed in fatal accident

Many people in Louisiana choose to jog to keep in shape. When they are on the road, it is important that drivers keep a close eye on joggers to make certain that the runner is not injured or killed in an auto-pedestrian accident. Unfortunately, there are accidents in which a jogger is hit by a vehicle and injured. The vulnerability of joggers makes it likely there will be serious injuries and even fatalities. Those who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident with a motor vehicle must understand the necessary steps to file a lawsuit to attempt to be compensated.

According to a recent report, a pastor out for a jog was killed when he was hit by a pickup truck. Emergency services were called shortly before 7 a.m. to investigate the accident. The pickup, a 2004 Chevrolet, was heading west. The driver, 17, lost control and went off the road on the right side. It hit the 46-year-old pastor. He was declared dead at the site of the crash. The driver received was cited for careless operation. The pastor was married and had two sons.

Oilfield jobs are not only the dirtiest but also the deadliest

If you are working in the Louisiana oilfields, you will no doubt know that your occupation is one of the deadliest jobs there are. The risks you face every day are far more than what workers in most other industries face, and the number of fatal oilfield accidents nationwide is significantly higher than the averages in other sectors. Knowing that you risk your life every day might help you to recognize the hazards and avoid injury — or worse.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the primary causes of oilfield fatalities include struck-by hazards, fires and falls. While many other hazards exist, dealing with the most common risks might be a good start to protect yourself.

Fatal accident statistics show increase in summer months

Being on the road in Louisiana always carries with it a certain amount of risk regardless of the time of year. However, there are certain times when it is statistically more dangerous than others. In what is known as the "100 deadliest days of summer" from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it is a time when people are more prone to being in a fatal accident. This is particularly true for teens. When there is an accident and a fatality, those who have suffered the loss of a loved one must be cognizant of the need for a full investigation to determine the cause and how to proceed with a legal filing to receive compensation.

Because teens tend to take more chances, there is a belief that they are vulnerable to accidents. Stories abound discussing accidents throughout the nation in which a teen was either driving while distracted, was under the influence, operated the vehicle recklessly or was in an accident due to simple inexperience. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that in the past quarter-century there has been a statistical decrease in the number of teens who get behind the wheel after drinking. However, drivers 16 to 20 have 17 times the likelihood of dying in a motor vehicle accident if they register 0.08 percent blood-alcohol concentration when compared to drivers who have not been drinking. That is the percentage that most states use to declare a driver drunk.

Distracted driver behaviors rise with cruise control use

Louisiana residents have enough to worry about when they are on the road without more dangers cropping up. But, as new innovations become commonplace and automakers take steps to integrate them into the vehicles they create, negatives often accompany them. Despite many innovations being in the early stages of development, these remain a concern as people are injured and killed. Studies are examining these factors in various combinations.

According to research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, drivers who place their vehicles on cruise control are of greater likelihood to access apps or text message. The data comes from a telematics firm, assessing three billion miles traveled on 270 million trips. It found that when a vehicle is placed on cruise control, the driver will be using the phone for various activities 10 percent of the time. That is 22 percent higher than the statistics for drivers who are not on cruise control.

Fatal accident at Louisiana plant caused by explosion

Many jobs in Louisiana can be considered dangerous. This might be because of the requirements in the job description that people place themselves in harm's way, it could be because they are working in a location where there is a chance of a fall or being hit by an object, or it might be from working with items that have a chance to explode. When there is a work accident, its severity can be so substantial that it results in a fatality. People who lose a loved one at work must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

According to a recent report, a worker at the plant for Proctor & Gamble in Louisiana was killed in an explosion. The accident occurred at 3 a.m. as he worked overnight. As part of the investigation, the State Fire Marshal's Offices was called. The man who died, 56, was killed as the equipment he was using caught fire and blew up. The plant was closed after the incident. The company has stated that it is investigating and will cooperate with the state investigation. The man who died was an active member of the community and a member of a theater group.

Survey examined risky behaviors that can cause an auto accident

Considering the dangers of an auto accident when on the road in Louisiana and across the U.S., it is important to keep an eye on the potential causes to try to avoid them. It is also useful to understand these causes after the accident has happened. A recent survey sought to determine why drivers choose to engage in risky acts. This survey, from Envista Forensics, included 2,000 respondents who confessed to risky behaviors when driving.

In the survey, there were four factors that contributed to drivers behaving dangerously: being a distracted driver, driving aggressively, driving under the influence and rushing. For rushed driving, the behaviors include driving at excessive speeds, changing lanes in an unsafe manner and failing to stop at traffic signals. According to 48 percent, perception was a key factor as they did not want to put forth a bad impression. 30 percent said they were impatient in general. 21 percent said they were reluctant to lose out on opportunities. 1 percent said they just liked the risky behavior. One-third did not have a reason.

Helicopter crash leads to two workplace injuries and one death

Workplace accidents and injuries can happen in many kinds of employment in Louisiana. Since there are a seemingly endless number of occupations, the circumstances in which there are workplace injuries can vary accordingly. For example, some people work out in the field and perform a variety of duties. If the job requires the worker to take to the air as part of their employment, there is a chance that an accident can happen. These accidents can be severe with injuries and fatalities. Those who have been affected should know their rights to seek workers' compensation and other benefits.

According to a recent report, a helicopter accident led to one death and two injuries. The men were working for an energy company and its workers were on a flight to do an inspection. It was said to be routine work and the helicopter had the pilot and two crew members onboard. The incident occurred in the mid-morning before 11 a.m. According to emergency personnel, it happened in a remote location.

Seeking compensation after a birth injury

When Louisiana residents are preparing for the birth of a child, the excitement is unquestioned. For many, having a baby is the high point of life and they cannot wait for it to happen. Oftentimes, however, it is forgotten that the birth of a child is a medical procedure. With any medical procedure, the patient is putting her trust in the medical staff to perform their duties as they are supposed to and make certain that everyone - especially the mother and baby - is safe. Unfortunately, issues arise and mistakes can be made that can lead to a birth injury. Knowing when this has occurred and if the medical staff is responsible for it is imperative when considering a legal filing for compensation.

There are many ways in which a birth injury can occur. It could be due to the improper use of medical equipment, negligent operating room staff, the failure to spot problems and react to them as they come up and more. New innovations in medical techniques are created and implemented and the goal is efficiency and safety. Sometimes, however, mistakes that have happened for years are repeated and they lead to serious injury. Recognizing these incidents as they happen and understanding that they could have been avoided or prevented is frustrating. A legal filing might not turn back the clock, but it can help the family and the baby move forward.

Study shows increase in fatal pedestrian-car accidents

The roads in Louisiana and throughout the U.S. have become increasingly treacherous for many reasons. One aspect that is a growing concern is the number of pedestrian accidents that are happening. Since pedestrians have no protection and must rely on the sidewalk, crosswalks, traffic lights and stop signs among other things designed to prevent drivers from operating their vehicles without stopping, a crash between a car and a pedestrian can cause severe injuries and death. Research is examining the growing trend of pedestrian-auto accidents and has come to troublesome conclusions regarding the problem.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that the number of pedestrian fatalities increased by nearly half in 2016 compared to 2009. In 2016, there were 5,987 pedestrian deaths. This is in comparison to the low point in 2009. From 1975 to 2009, there was a steady reduction of 20 percent in pedestrian fatalities. There has been a worrying reversal in these crash statistics. Part of the reason is believed to be the prevalence of SUVs on the road.

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