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Social Security Disability – Frequently Asked Questions

Long-term health problems from work-related injuries can seriously impact our financial wellbeing. At Townsley Law Firm, in Lake Charles we offer legal help for a variety of personal injury claims. We are also well-versed in Social Security Disability (SS) matters. Here are some frequently asked Associations:

Am I eligible for Social Security Disability?

In order to qualify for SSD, your disability must fall under Social Security’s “disability” definition. Essentially, the injury or condition must prevent you from basic movements such as lifting or walking. Mental conditions from an injury like loss of memory also may help qualify you.

What are the different types of Social Security benefits?

If approved for SSD, you may partake in programs like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI). The difference between the two programs depends on whether your taxable income has funneled money into the Social Security system. If so, you might qualify for SSDI.

What if my Social Security Disability claim is denied?

Unfortunately, many people who apply for SSD are denied. You should not let that stop you from applying. Our firm has a high success rate when it comes to appealing denied applications. Contact us now for more info regarding SSD denials.

Do I need a lawyer for my SSD case?

An experienced attorney should accompany every SSD case. A lawyer can help you fight to ensure financial security and make your voice heard.

Social Security Disability Help Is A Call Away

If you have more questions regarding your SSD claim, our experienced Louisiana personal injury team can help. Call 337-377-0584 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.