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Spinal Cord Injuries Are Costly And Require Special Care

At the time of a major auto accident, the focus of family, friends and medical professionals is on saving the life of a seriously injured person. Emergency medical care, subsequent surgery, recovery and rehabilitation ultimately give way to a “new normal” life. When a spinal cord injury is part of the outcome of a serious accident, paralysis is often part of the new reality that an accident victim must live with.

A spinal cord injury is, in a vast majority of cases, a life-changing event both for the injured person and for his or her immediate family. After a car accident, a fall injury or a surgical error results in paralysis, there are often a host of ongoing difficulties, losses and practical problems.

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How Will You Cope With The High Cost Of Paralysis?

A person living with paralysis must cope with needs and expenses such as:

  • Personal care: Many people with paraplegia or quadriplegia need caregivers to assist with activities of daily living (ADL).
  • Vocational rehabilitation: Physical therapists and occupational therapists help people living with paralysis discover ways to adapt and accommodate on the job. Depending on the nature of a person’s work, it may be possible for the accident victim to go back to work. Or he or she may need to train for a different type of work.
  • Transportation: A wheelchair, a modified van and/or access to public transportation for the disabled may all be part of the solution to transportation challenges.
  • Durable medical equipment: Besides depending on a motorized wheelchair, a person with paralysis may need a lift and other special equipment and devices.
  • Home modifications: To accommodate life in a wheelchair, the home environment may need to be modified.

A social worker, a life care planner and other professionals can provide valuable assistance in helping a paralyzed person and his or her spouse, parents or children plan how to move forward. The costs associated with these professional services should be taken into account in a personal injury claim or lawsuit when paralysis is an outcome of the initial injuries.

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