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Heavy Equipment On I-210 And I-10 Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions

Traffic on I-210 and I-10 in Louisiana is bad enough already without throwing negligent truck drivers into the mix. If you have been in an accident or suffered damages because of a semitruck in the Lake Charles area, our attorneys at The Townsley Law Firm will fight to protect your interests.

When negligent individuals cause you injuries or damage your property, you are entitled to compensation. Call 337-377-0584.

Helping You Recover Compensation For All Types Of Negligence On The Interstate

It doesn’t matter what type of negligence caused your accident. As long as a party was acting negligently, and that behavior led to your accident, we can help. We have assisted clients with seeking damages due to heavy equipment on I-210 and I-10. we also assist with all sorts of negligence from truck drivers on the interstate, including:

Increased Construction Traffic On I-210 And I-10 Causes More Accidents

From dump truck traffic to more semitrailers driving on the interstates surrounding Lake Charles, accidents are increasing. While construction and expansion can be a good thing, it can turn south quickly when proper safety protocols are not followed. If you have been in an accident or suffered massive dents to your vehicle due to heavy equipment in the area, let our team investigate your claims and give you a straightforward assessment of your case.

Call Our Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers

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