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Accidents Caused By Delivery Trucks Are Becoming More Common With Online Shopping Boom

Generally, companies operating fleets of delivery trucks are required to make sure their trucks are maintained properly and drivers are trained to operate the over-sized van or light truck safely. In many cases, the driver must possess a Class C commercial driver’s license, which holds the driver to a higher standard of skill, knowledge and regulations about negligence and misconduct.

Lake Charles is currently the fifth largest incorporated city in Louisiana. As Calcasieu Parish grows and prospers, delivery vans, construction vehicles and semi-tractor trailers become more commonplace on our roads. Most professional commercial drivers and their employers take their responsibilities seriously; however, every year, the number of injury and fatal accidents involving delivery trucks and commercial vehicles continues to rise.

Were You Injured In An Accident With A Delivery Van Or Commercial Truck?

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We are the personal injury attorneys of The Townsley Law Firm in Lake Charles. Our attorneys are from southern Louisiana and are familiar with the traffic issues on roads throughout the area. Because we are locally born and raised, we have the advantage of knowing specific cases and strategies for helping our clients win the full and fair compensation they deserve when injured or losing a loved one in delivery truck accident.

What Are The Causes Of Delivery Truck Accidents?

In many cases, delivery truck accidents occur because the van driver has limited visibility to the sides and rear of the vehicle. Many accidents occur while backing up. Other causes include reckless driving and the driver’s inability to control the vehicle safely in high winds, on wet roads or misjudging the amount of time and distance it takes to bring the heavy load to a stop.

Who’s Liable In Delivery Truck Injuries?

While the driver probably shares some responsibility in most accidents, the liability for the accident often goes back to the delivery company’s management policies. If the driver is untrained, if the load is improperly balanced, or if the truck or van is not properly maintained, the company may share ultimate responsibility for compensating the injury victims.

The Townsley Law Firm is a team of aggressive, effective lawyers with a record of success in personal injury litigation claims involving:

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