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Dump Trucks Accidents And Injuries Increase As Construction Increases

Dump trucks have been increasingly causing more accidents and serious injuries throughout Louisiana. With more construction, more dump trucks are needed to haul sand, concrete, rocks and other materials from site to site. These drivers need to be specially trained and follow very strict standards in order to prevent serious injuries from occurring. If you have been injured in an accident with one of these trucks, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner to help you recover compensation for your damages.

The Townsley Law Firm protects the rights of victims of dump truck accidents. If you were hurt because a truck driver was speeding or otherwise acting negligently, call us at 337-377-0584.

Protecting Victims Hurt By Speeding Dump Trucks

Due to the immense size of dump trucks, and all of the weight they are carrying, it becomes very hard for them to stop when exceeding safe speed limits. Speeding trucks cause unnecessary catastrophes, especially along I-210 and I-10.

To add more danger, the bumpers on these vehicles are designed with much stronger materials than that of a regular car, giving innocent victims hardly any chance at all if involved in a collision. If you were hurt by a speeding dump truck, you have rights. Allow our lawyers at The Townsley Law Firm to help.

Skilled At Litigating Against All Types Of Companies That Own Trucks

The term dump truck is very broad and can cover a wide range of trucks used by trucking companies and businesses that need to transport materials. From garbage trucks, to commercial 18-wheelers, to construction vehicles, we have experience protecting our clients’ rights no matter what type of vehicles were involved.

If you were hurt by any commercial vehicle that was speeding, you can rely on our attorneys for skilled counsel and sound representation.

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