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Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Nursing homes have a bottom line duty to the health and safety of their patients. They also have a duty to report injuries or seek advanced medical treatment for patients in distress. Yet in many cases it is visiting family members who discover that their loved one is injured or ailing.

The Townsley Law Firm will aggressively pursue action against nursing homes for neglect, abuse or medical negligence resulting in serious injury, grave illness or death. Our attorneys have obtained notable results on behalf of nursing home residents in Calcasieu Parish, in Jefferson Davis Parish and throughout southwest Louisiana.

Do you suspect nursing home negligence? Call our Lake Charles law office at 337-377-0584 for a free consultation.

Nursing Home Negligence Law Firm Serving The Greater Lake Charles Area

Nursing homes are commonly understaffed. Nurses and physicians may see patients infrequently, and the lay personnel who provide daily care are often poorly trained. In the worst cases, nursing home workers are intentionally abusive or neglectful.

The Townsley Law Firm knows how to investigate to uncover the negligence, neglect, abuse and lack of security:

  • Bedsore injury (pressure ulcers) in bedridden patients who are not turned regularly
  • Falls from bed for lack of proper restraints
  • Falls when walking for lack of assistance
  • Dropping patients during transport
  • Senior home abuse
  • Injuries from wandering off
  • Assaults by other residents
  • Physical or sexual abuse by staff
  • Medication errors
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Failure to diagnose serious conditions
  • Failure to summon a specialist or call 911

The Medical Background To Hold Elder Care Facilities Accountable

One of our lawyers has hospital experience. Also, we have an exhaustive network of health care professionals that we consult with screening the medical records for a potential medical malpractice case, and our managing partner brings medical insights from 25 years of malpractice litigation. We know the signs. We know what documents to obtain. We know the experts to call.

If there is evidence of nursing home negligence or senior home abuse, we will seek compensation for your loved one’s medical care, disability, and pain and suffering. For a free consultation, call our Lake Charles/Westlake nursing home negligence attorneys at 337-377-0584 or email our office.