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Sponges And Other Surgical Items Can Get Left In Body After Surgery

Most Americans assume our health care system has such high standards of quality that mistakes are uncommon. We often assume our doctors and physicians will not make a mistake, and we trust them with our lives during surgery and other procedures.

Unfortunately, however, mistakes do happen. Surgeons and physicians, as well as their support staff, work long hours and rush from patient to patient. In the midst of the hustle, serious errors can occur, including surgical instruments left in the body.

A common mistake is for a surgeon to leave items inside a patient, sewing those items into them after surgery. This could be anything from a sponge to a surgical tool. The item may go undiscovered for some time, causing serious complications and need for further surgery.

Legal Representation To Face The Hospital Legal Team

At The Townsley Law Firm, we hold doctors and surgeons accountable to the high standard of care they have taken an oath to provide. Our team of attorneys works with medical professionals to investigate when mistakes happen, determining exactly what happened and what should have been done to prevent the mistake.

Our lawyers will guide you through your options for seeking compensation and holding the surgeon or hospital responsible for the error and the damage it did to your health. Hospitals are often protected by large legal teams. Confronting them and seeking damages can require experienced attorneys who are knowledgeable in medical malpractice and capable of getting results.

Consult With An Attorney For Free

If you or a loved one has been hurt due to a surgical error or an item left in the body cavity after surgery, seek legal representation. Our lawyers are prepared for whatever type of surgical error or medical malpractice matter you may face.

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