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There Is No Room For Error In Surgery

The surgical team should adhere to a checklist before, during and after surgery to keep the patient safe. When doctors or nurses deviate from procedure or make critical errors, the result can be catastrophic or fatal.

The Townsley Law Firm has a record of success in medical malpractice litigation, including lawsuits for surgical negligence. We have sued surgeons, anesthesiologists and hospitals for irreversible harm from surgical mistakes. Our Lake Charles attorneys have handled cases in southwest Louisiana and statewide.

Did the surgeon screw up? Call our surgery malpractice lawyers at 337-377-0584 for a free consultation.

Surgeons And Their Teams Can Make Many Errors

There are risks with any surgery, but the surgical team can be held accountable for serious injury or wrongful death resulting from negligence. We can pursue damages for any type of surgery malpractice:

  • Errors during or after hip surgery, heart surgery, brain surgery, cancer surgery, gallbladder surgery and other types of surgery
  • Foreign objects left inside the patient
  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Performing the incorrect procedure
  • Out-of-date or ill-advised procedures
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Nicked organs, blood vessels or nerves
  • Post-surgical infection
  • Failure to monitor in post-op/recovery
  • Emergency room error (failure to diagnose appendicitis, heart attack, etc.)
  • Fatal surgery

Our demonstrated results in medical malpractice are due to decades of collective experience, unique medical insights and our ability to invest the necessary resources. Partner Todd Townsley brings 20 years of focused litigation experience. We have cultivated a network of top experts in surgical specialties, anesthesiology and other fields of medicine who can help us make the case for malpractice.

Holding Surgeons Accountable For The Harm Caused

We pursue damages for past and future lost wages; medical expenses and life care expenses; serious disability such as vision loss, organ damage or loss of use of a limb; reduced enjoyment of life; pain and suffering; and emotional distress.

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop the strongest case for compensation. We are here to help with everything, including access to medical care while the case is pending. For a free consultation, call our Lake Charles and Jennings surgical error attorneys at 337-377-0584 or reach us online.