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November 2018 Archives

Study shows auto accident dangers near schools across nation

Safe driving is a concern for everyone in Louisiana. This is true no matter where in the state they are and what they are doing. However, schools and the areas in which children are prevalent can be especially worrisome when it comes to risky driving behaviors. Any amount of recklessness, negligence, speeding, being a distracted driver, driving under the influence and other risky activities behind the wheel can lead to serious accidents involving children with injuries and fatalities. Research has shown just problematic dangerous behaviors near schools can be.

One dead, two injured in head-on fatal accident in Lake Charles

When drivers are following all the laws and adhering to good safety practices, they stand a better chance of getting to their destination without being in an accident and suffering injuries and wrongful death. However, even when people are behaving responsibly, motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning. Sharing the road with others is a necessity and there is an unspoken expectation that drivers will try to be safe not just for themselves, but for others on the road. Unfortunately, distracted driving, recklessness, driving under the influence and negligence can lead to a crash with injuries and death. Those who have been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident must think about their future and consider a legal filing for compensation.

Car accident study says ride shares could raise fatality rates

Not a day goes by when there is not an advertisement, a discussion or a reference to the relatively new phenomenon of ride-sharing services. This is a part of daily life in Louisiana and across the nation. It is clearly here to stay with positives and negatives. One potential negative has come to light from research that indicates there has been an increase in auto accident fatalities as Uber, Lyft and other services have grown to prominence. And, those who have been in an auto accident should be aware of this phenomenon and consider it as a factor if they seek compensation after an accident through a legal filing.

Fatal accident kills Louisiana worker

It is a difficult situation to deal with when any Louisianan suffers the loss of a loved one in an unexpected way. This is true if it is a sudden illness, a medical error or if it is an accident. These accidents can happen in any circumstance, but when it occurs while a person is at work, it is especially hard as it is often due to negligence or mistakes on the part of another worker or because there is faulty equipment. When a person has died while on the job, the family will have a lot to consider and it is imperative to have legal assistance to think about a wrongful death lawsuit.

Truck accident kills 1, injures 18

Any auto accident in Louisiana carries with it the risk that people will suffer severe injuries or death. There can be a reasonable debate as to which kinds of crashes are the most dangerous, but regardless of the actual incident, those who were injured and the family of a person who was killed will want answers as to the cause. This can be key to pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

Workers' compensation and supplemental earnings benefits

When a Louisiana worker is injured in a workplace accident, there are various workers' compensation benefits available. These can help with medical care, cover lost wages and help them make ends meet and take the time they need to recover without needing to rush for fear of no longer having a job. There are various subsets for workers' compensation that should be understood and whether they will be important or not depends on the situation. One is supplemental earnings benefits.

Legal assistance for subcontractors seeking workers' compensation

Not all Louisiana workers are working for a company directly when they are doing a job. To complete certain projects in a variety of fields, there will be subcontractors who are necessary to provide their expertise and skills. As with any job, a subcontractor can be injured while working. A workplace accident or condition that came about because of the work will often lead to medical expenses, lost wages and even long-term damage. These workers might not know who they should deem responsible for their workers' compensation benefits after the accident. Having legal assistance is a must for this kind of situation.

Family suffers loss of a loved one after fatal head-on accident

When driving along the road in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana, even the most cautious and alert people are not expecting another vehicle to veer into their lane. When the vehicle comes from the other side of the road and is heading in the wrong direction, there are few places to go even if the driver has the quick reactions to try and avoid an accident. With a head-on crash, the chances of severe injuries and fatalities are substantial. There is rarely a reasonable explanation as to why a vehicle goes into the opposite lanes and drives into traffic, so when there is a crash, those who have been hurt or the family of a person who died must remember their rights to seek compensation.

Did a lack of oxygen contribute to your baby's brain damage?

Like many Louisiana parents, you wanted the birth of your child to be the most joyous day of your life. Though you knew the process would likely be long, difficult and painful, you undoubtedly expected to hold your healthy child in the end and appreciate the experience you went through. Unfortunately, you did not have this outcome.

Survey: worsened condition after errors common for ill people

Louisianans who are having medical issues will not expect to face a worsened condition due to medical mistakes made by those who are supposed to be providing care. However, this does happen frequently and people are injured or even die because of it. Research finds an increasing number of people who have either suffered from this type of issue themselves or had a loved one suffer from it. When it happens, it is key to recognize that there was a mistake and consider available steps to pursue compensation.

Accident kills trusty on work release, injures another

A fatal accident can happen to anyone in Louisiana regardless of who they are, what they do and the circumstances under which they were in the accident. These can be work accidents, car accidents, a medical mistake and in many other situations. One common denominator in just about every one of these incidents is that there will be a family left behind who will need to move forward without their loved one. No matter how and why it happened, having legal assistance to consider a wrongful death legal filing is crucial.

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