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One dead, two injured in head-on fatal accident in Lake Charles

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Wrongful Death

When drivers are following all the laws and adhering to good safety practices, they stand a better chance of getting to their destination without being in an accident and suffering injuries and wrongful death. However, even when people are behaving responsibly, motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning. Sharing the road with others is a necessity and there is an unspoken expectation that drivers will try to be safe not just for themselves, but for others on the road. Unfortunately, distracted driving, recklessness, driving under the influence and negligence can lead to a crash with injuries and death. Those who have been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident must think about their future and consider a legal filing for compensation.

A head-on collision between a 2005 Ford Expedition and a 2013 Nissan Altima led to the death of the passenger in the Altima. The accident occurred at shortly before 10 p.m. The Altima was heading east and being driven by a 22-year-old woman. The Expedition, heading west, was being driven by a male. He lost control of the vehicle for unknown reasons and it went over the center line, hitting the Altima. The driver of the Altima was seriously injured and hospitalized. The male passenger, 22, was killed. The driver of the Expedition suffered minor injuries. Toxicology tests are being done to determine if impairment was a factor. The investigation is continuing.

A fatal accident will have a short and long-term effect on a family. There can be lost contributions financially and personally, an emotional loss that is difficult to overcome and much more. People will rarely know what they should do in the immediate aftermath of such a sudden and unexpected incident. This is compounded when another family member suffers serious injuries in the accident. While a financial settlement or award from a legal filing will not turn back time to avoid the accident, it can help people get back on their feet and move forward. Legal advice is critical after this type of incident.

A head-on collision led to the death of a 22-year-old man. The 22-year-old female driver of the vehicle that was hit was seriously hurt. Since this was a head-on crash with the other vehicle having crossed over the middle of the road and entered the lanes heading in the opposite direction, it is important to gather information as to how and why this happened as this can be crucial to a legal filing. A law firm that understands how to move forward with a wrongful death legal filing should be called immediately for advice.


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