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What are the signs of a broken wrist?

One of the most common and yet frequently overlooked injuries in any type of accident is a broken wrist. The wrist is susceptible to fractures and breaks because of its structure and placement. In many cases, a broken wrist results from a fall because people try to...

FAQs about car crash claims

One of the most deadly tasks that Americans undertake is driving. Unfortunately, Louisiana is one of the more deadly states. The statistics are overwhelming. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development recorded almost 600 deaths in 2021. They also...

What to expect after a concussion

Car accidents, unfortunately, happen, and even a minor one may result in a concussion. While considered a mild traumatic brain injury, this condition should never go untreated. According to the CDC, there were 64,362 TBI-related deaths in 2020. After sustaining any...


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