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Fatal accident kills Louisiana worker

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Wrongful Death

It is a difficult situation to deal with when any Louisianan suffers the loss of a loved one in an unexpected way. This is true if it is a sudden illness, a medical error or if it is an accident. These accidents can happen in any circumstance, but when it occurs while a person is at work, it is especially hard as it is often due to negligence or mistakes on the part of another worker or because there is faulty equipment. When a person has died while on the job, the family will have a lot to consider and it is imperative to have legal assistance to think about a wrongful death lawsuit.

A 24-year-old plant worker died when he was pinned by a blade. The accident happened in the early morning hours at about 3 a.m. when the man had just gotten to work. The area on which they were working was an area of the plant that had been shut down. The workers were replacing the blade on a machine that rotates to perform various functions — known as a lathe. It was routine maintenance on the plant. While changing the blade, it swung and pinned the worker.

The other workers got the blade off the man and called for emergency assistance. They also performed CPR. When the ambulance arrived, the paramedics declared the man dead. The investigation is continuing.

The family of a worker who has died in a fatal accident on the job must think about all they have lost, including companionship, income and more. There will also be funeral expenses. While the regulatory authorities will investigate such an accident, it is wise for the family to protect themselves and have legal assistance to look out for their interests.

A worker doing maintenance was pinned by a lathe blade and died. Although the case is still being investigated to determine how and why it happened, the family must know their rights and contact a law firm that has experience in wrongful death incidents in the workplace to prepare for a potential legal filing.


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