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Legal assistance for subcontractors seeking workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Not all Louisiana workers are working for a company directly when they are doing a job. To complete certain projects in a variety of fields, there will be subcontractors who are necessary to provide their expertise and skills. As with any job, a subcontractor can be injured while working. A workplace accident or condition that came about because of the work will often lead to medical expenses, lost wages and even long-term damage. These workers might not know who they should deem responsible for their workers’ compensation benefits after the accident. Having legal assistance is a must for this kind of situation.

The lack of knowledge as to who should cover workers’ compensation benefits is a problem. Not only might it take time to sort out who should pay for the injuries and the treatment, but precious time will be lost as it is addressed. In general, workers’ compensation will be provided by the employer.

In some cases, there is what is known as a statutory agreement in the employee’s contract. Without such an agreement, the employee might have the opportunity to try and receive compensation from both. Obviously, this is a complicated issue and the injured worker will have enough on their plate in trying to get better and to receive workers’ compensation. That is when it is imperative to have legal assistance.

Subcontractors can find themselves treated as less important than a company’s regular workers and, by extension, not granted the rights to workers’ compensation they would otherwise be entitled to. When one works as a subcontractor and suffers an injury or illness, having legal advice and assistance to get workers’ compensation is vital. Calling a law firm that has experience in these cases is the first step.


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