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How safe is the Calcasieu River Bridge?

It can be exciting to drive on the Louisiana Memorial World War II Bridge that spans the Calcasieu River. After all, the bridge stretches more than 130 feet into the air, giving drivers and passengers expansive views of the Lake Charles area. If you are not careful,...

Your SCI after a motor vehicle accident

Motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana risk a variety of injuries like whiplash and broken bones, but few have as long-lasting impacts as spinal cord injuries. You may have immediate surgery, months of recovery and a paralyzed future to adapt to after sustaining one....

Should drivers worry about drowsiness?

Drivers have a lot on their plate when it comes to safety. One wrong move could potentially result in a crash that can cause serious injury or even death, so it is important for drivers to know their limits and understand sources of danger. For example, even the state...


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