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May 2018 Archives

Fatal accident at Louisiana plant caused by explosion

Many jobs in Louisiana can be considered dangerous. This might be because of the requirements in the job description that people place themselves in harm's way, it could be because they are working in a location where there is a chance of a fall or being hit by an object, or it might be from working with items that have a chance to explode. When there is a work accident, its severity can be so substantial that it results in a fatality. People who lose a loved one at work must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Survey examined risky behaviors that can cause an auto accident

Considering the dangers of an auto accident when on the road in Louisiana and across the U.S., it is important to keep an eye on the potential causes to try to avoid them. It is also useful to understand these causes after the accident has happened. A recent survey sought to determine why drivers choose to engage in risky acts. This survey, from Envista Forensics, included 2,000 respondents who confessed to risky behaviors when driving.

Helicopter crash leads to two workplace injuries and one death

Workplace accidents and injuries can happen in many kinds of employment in Louisiana. Since there are a seemingly endless number of occupations, the circumstances in which there are workplace injuries can vary accordingly. For example, some people work out in the field and perform a variety of duties. If the job requires the worker to take to the air as part of their employment, there is a chance that an accident can happen. These accidents can be severe with injuries and fatalities. Those who have been affected should know their rights to seek workers' compensation and other benefits.

Seeking compensation after a birth injury

When Louisiana residents are preparing for the birth of a child, the excitement is unquestioned. For many, having a baby is the high point of life and they cannot wait for it to happen. Oftentimes, however, it is forgotten that the birth of a child is a medical procedure. With any medical procedure, the patient is putting her trust in the medical staff to perform their duties as they are supposed to and make certain that everyone - especially the mother and baby - is safe. Unfortunately, issues arise and mistakes can be made that can lead to a birth injury. Knowing when this has occurred and if the medical staff is responsible for it is imperative when considering a legal filing for compensation.

Study shows increase in fatal pedestrian-car accidents

The roads in Louisiana and throughout the U.S. have become increasingly treacherous for many reasons. One aspect that is a growing concern is the number of pedestrian accidents that are happening. Since pedestrians have no protection and must rely on the sidewalk, crosswalks, traffic lights and stop signs among other things designed to prevent drivers from operating their vehicles without stopping, a crash between a car and a pedestrian can cause severe injuries and death. Research is examining the growing trend of pedestrian-auto accidents and has come to troublesome conclusions regarding the problem.

State tries to reduce distracted driver numbers with proposed law

Louisiana drivers who are on the road for any amount of time will know that the problem of distracted driving is prevalent. Being a distracted driver is inherently dangerous and is being exacerbated by the number of different things that can be done on cellphones as technology improves. One thing that many people choose not to do is to use hands-free technology so that they are not holding the device while driving.

Surgical errors that can devastate lives and lead to litigation

Anyone in Louisiana who has ever undergone surgery understands that there are risks involved. Hopefully, if you're preparing for surgery at this time or recently had a surgical procedure, your doctor and surgeon discussed all the possible adverse effects as well as what the ultimate goals were. When you entrust your health to a medical team, you have the right to reasonably assume that every person caring for you will act according to accepted safety standards. 

Certain Lake Charles locations have frequent car accidents

While a car accident can be viewed as a random event that hinges on individual circumstances, there is often statistical and anecdotal evidence that certain areas of Lake Charles can be more dangerous than others. There are many reasons for this, including the configuration of the road, road work, whether there is a stop sign or a traffic light and other factors. People who are in a crash in Lake Charles or any other area in Louisiana should know about areas that are particularly dangerous, in order to be extra cautious. After an auto accident has occurred, the location itself can be a key point when considering a lawsuit to receive compensation.

Study shows risk of worsened condition due to dirty medical tools

A nightmare scenario for Louisiana residents who undergo a medical procedure or receive treatment is if there is a mistake on the part of the medical staff. This can come in various ways. A mistake that should never happen is for people to become ill, suffer a worsened condition or die because of improper use of medical equipment. Included in that is the failure to clean equipment properly and putting patients at risk of being infected. A research study has shown that dirty medical scopes is a prevalent issue.

Louisiana high on list of hit and run auto accident deaths

When there is an auto accident in Louisiana, it is expected that the driver of the vehicle will stop to render aid or call for emergency assistance. Unfortunately, not everyone stops after being involved in a car crash. If there is an accident with a pedestrian, this is even worse because of the lack of protection a pedestrian has and the likely need for help. Studies are conducted to examine the frequency with which drivers flee the scene after a crash and there are some troubling numbers.

Man suffers workplace injuries when crane topples over

Workers in Louisiana who suffer workplace injuries must bear in mind that they are protected by the workers' compensation benefits system. Some jobs are more dangerous than others and those who work with heavy equipment, do physical labor or are on sites that are not entirely stable can be more vulnerable than others. No matter the job, when there is a workplace accident, the injured person and his or her family must make certain their rights to workers' compensation are protected and they get the benefits they are entitled to.

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