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Seeking compensation after a birth injury

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

When Louisiana residents are preparing for the birth of a child, the excitement is unquestioned. For many, having a baby is the high point of life and they cannot wait for it to happen. Oftentimes, however, it is forgotten that the birth of a child is a medical procedure. With any medical procedure, the patient is putting her trust in the medical staff to perform their duties as they are supposed to and make certain that everyone – especially the mother and baby – is safe. Unfortunately, issues arise and mistakes can be made that can lead to a birth injury. Knowing when this has occurred and if the medical staff is responsible for it is imperative when considering a legal filing for compensation.

There are many ways in which a birth injury can occur. It could be due to the improper use of medical equipment, negligent operating room staff, the failure to spot problems and react to them as they come up and more. New innovations in medical techniques are created and implemented and the goal is efficiency and safety. Sometimes, however, mistakes that have happened for years are repeated and they lead to serious injury. Recognizing these incidents as they happen and understanding that they could have been avoided or prevented is frustrating. A legal filing might not turn back the clock, but it can help the family and the baby move forward.

With birth injuries, there are many problems that can afflict a baby for his or her entire life. By extension, it will also affect the family with medical costs, the need for care, special schooling and even premature death. Some birth injuries that could warrant a lawsuit include cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, the baby being cut while the doctor is performing a Cesarean section and shoulder dystocia. These can come about because of complications while the birth is taking place, mistakes the medical staff has made in diagnosis and treatment and other factors.

Families who are awaiting the birth of a child with eager anticipation can be devastated when they realize their child has suffered birth injuries. Even if these can be corrected with treatment and surgery, it does not mean that the doctor and staff should be free of their responsibility. A lawsuit might help with the investigation and in seeking compensation in a birth injury medical malpractice legal filing.


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