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Louisiana high on list of hit and run auto accident deaths

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Car Accidents

When there is an auto accident in Louisiana, it is expected that the driver of the vehicle will stop to render aid or call for emergency assistance. Unfortunately, not everyone stops after being involved in a car crash. If there is an accident with a pedestrian, this is even worse because of the lack of protection a pedestrian has and the likely need for help. Studies are conducted to examine the frequency with which drivers flee the scene after a crash and there are some troubling numbers.

According to AAA, the number of fatalities due to a hit and run is higher than it has ever been. From 2009 to 2016, it has increased by 60 percent. 65 percent of the deaths involved a person on a bicycle or a pedestrian. AAA states that there were 2,049 hit and run fatalities in 2016. This is the most ever recorded. In the 10 years before that, it was determined that there was an average of 682,000 accidents with the driver fleeing.

The worst state for hit and run deaths was New Mexico. Louisiana was second. It is difficult to discern why there has been such an increase. The number of hit and run fatalities has risen by 7.2 percent for every year since 2009. This is a much more significant rise when compared to overall traffic deaths, deaths due to distracted drivers and drunk drivers. AAA says that because there has been a rise in the total number of fatal accidents, the hit and run fatalities have increased naturally. It is believed that drivers flee after hitting a bicyclist or a pedestrian because it is less likely for there to be enough damage to the vehicle that it will be impossible to drive, so the drivers flee.

No matter the reason, when a driver flees the scene after a car accident it is against the law. When a person is hit by a car, whether they are in a vehicle, are pedestrians or are on a bicycle, there can be catastrophic injuries, long-term damage and death. The costs for medical treatment, lost wages and more can be substantial. When there is a death, those who have lost a loved one must be cognizant of other factors, such as funeral costs and the financial and emotional impact of the unexpected deaths in car accidents.

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