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Certain Lake Charles locations have frequent car accidents

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Car Accidents

While a car accident can be viewed as a random event that hinges on individual circumstances, there is often statistical and anecdotal evidence that certain areas of Lake Charles can be more dangerous than others. There are many reasons for this, including the configuration of the road, road work, whether there is a stop sign or a traffic light and other factors. People who are in a crash in Lake Charles or any other area in Louisiana should know about areas that are particularly dangerous, in order to be extra cautious. After an auto accident has occurred, the location itself can be a key point when considering a lawsuit to receive compensation.

Belden and Shattuck is an intersection in Lake Charles that residents say has a worrisome number of accidents that surpass the normal frequency of crashes. One woman who lives there says that there are two or three crashes per week and that they have been increasing in recent years. She states that a minimum of 150 accidents have been witnessed at the location in recent years. Stop signs are perceived as an issue due to drivers failing to see them.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is aware of the issues in the area and is planning changes to make it safer. A resolution to consider an upgrade to traffic control at the location was approved by the city council. A study in September of 2017 was done by the DOTD and changes are planned to have the stop signs displayed more clearly and the intersection restriped. The improvements, however, will not be done until repair work on Interstate 10 is done.

While this is just one specific area in Lake Charles, danger is a constant when out on the road. Although steps are being taken to improve safety at Belden and Shattuck, those who are in a crash should know that there are risks associated with the location and consider that if they are in an auto accident. The same holds true for other areas in Lake Charles and throughout the state. Crashes can lead to numerous problems, including injuries, medical expenses, lost time at work and fatalities. Having legal assistance from a law firm experienced in car accidents can help with pursuing a legal filing.

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