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May 2019 Archives

Motorcycle and car accidents spur calls for greater safety

Motorcyclists in Louisiana can face many dangers on the road. Because their vulnerability is inherent, even the highest level of vigilance sometimes cannot protect them from motorcycle and car accidents. Injuries and fatalities are common for motorcyclists. Since that is the case, the governor dedicated the entire month of May to motorcycle safety in the state. With Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month, the goal is to help drivers and motorcyclists share the road and be as safe as possible.

Fatal accident kills road worker attaching traffic control sign

Accidents can occur with any kind of job, but those in construction, law enforcement, emergency response and others who are in physically treacherous types of employment are more vulnerable. Still, if there is a fatal accident, it is important that the family think about their needs and consider a wrongful death legal filing.

Study indicates ADHD is a major factor in teen car accidents

Louisiana residents who share the road with teen drivers will be understandably concerned about their behavior behind the wheel, whether they are safe drivers and that they are not operating the vehicle in a reckless manner. Even when teens are following all the rules and doing their best to maintain safe driving practices, their inexperience is a worry. Other factors are relevant when there is an accident. As a new study indicates, teens who are dealing with attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as "ADHD," are more prone to being in a crash when compared with teens who do not have ADHD. This is particularly a problem immediately after they receive their driver's license.

Motorcycle officers face medical expenses after motorcade crash

When there are workplace accidents in Lake Charles and across Louisiana, those who are injured are likely to face medical expenses, lost wages and other problems that make workers' compensation a necessity. A worker can suffer injuries in any kind of job, but there are certain types of employment in which a worker is automatically in danger due to the requirements inherent in the occupation. Law enforcement is one such job.

Fatal accident kills teen girl, driver flees scene but is caught

In Louisiana, drivers who fail to adhere to the traffic laws can cause accidents which result in injuries and death. For example, running a red light puts everyone in danger because there is a natural expectation and requirement that drivers follow the law and stop at a red signal. People could be simply minding their own business and driving through a green light when they are suddenly involved in a catastrophic auto accident. To make matters worse, drivers who have caused a crash due to an illegal activity might compound it by fleeing the scene.

Truck accident victims and their families suffer serious losses

Were you or a family member involved in a serious accident with a commercial truck? If so, you already know that the losses experienced in such events can be devastating. Those who are lucky enough to survive trucking accidents often end up with physical injuries that may result in life-long impairments, emotional damages from which they may never fully recover and financial losses that can lead to bankruptcy. If a truck accident has completely wrecked your life, know that you may likely seek compensation for your losses.

Passenger critically injured after being ejected in car accident

When drivers in Lake Charles and across Louisiana do not adhere to the rules of the road, it inevitably puts others in danger. In car accidents caused in these circumstances, those who are hit can suffer critical injuries and even death.

Passenger dies in double DUI accident in Louisiana

Increasing attention is being paid to dangers on the road in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana. Currently, some of the most glaring dangers involve distracted drivers, drowsy drivers and other behavioral issues that cause auto accidents with injuries and fatalities. It might not get the same amount of attention as it once did, but drivers who are under the influence remains one of the common causes for a fatal accident. In some of the cases when there is a crash, both drivers were under the influence and the injured person or a person who died was a passenger in a vehicle. This can be the foundation for a lawsuit for compensation.

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