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Passenger dies in double DUI accident in Louisiana

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Increasing attention is being paid to dangers on the road in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana. Currently, some of the most glaring dangers involve distracted drivers, drowsy drivers and other behavioral issues that cause auto accidents with injuries and fatalities. It might not get the same amount of attention as it once did, but drivers who are under the influence remains one of the common causes for a fatal accident. In some of the cases when there is a crash, both drivers were under the influence and the injured person or a person who died was a passenger in a vehicle. This can be the foundation for a lawsuit for compensation.

An auto accident between two drivers who were alleged to have been under the influence led to the death of a passenger and the two drivers being arrested. The accident occurred just before midnight. A 53-year-old man driving a pickup truck is said to have failed to yield as traffic approached and he tried to turn left. He went into another pickup truck’s path.

The woman driving that vehicle, 37, was also allegedly under the influence. The 30-year-old passenger in the first vehicle was taken to the hospital where he died several days later. The driver of the pickup that failed to yield was arrested for a first-offense DUI. The other driver, who was seriously hurt, refused to provide a sample for testing. She was charged with a third-offense DUI.

When there is a fatal accident and DUI is suspected, those who have suffered the loss of a loved one must think about all they have lost. There will be medical costs, lost contributions and the impact of having unexpectedly had a loved one die in a car crash. Despite the circumstances of the case in which the drivers were under the influence, the passenger and his family still have rights. Calling a law firm to take the necessary steps to file a wrongful death claim is imperative.


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