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Motorcycle officers face medical expenses after motorcade crash

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

When there are workplace accidents in Lake Charles and across Louisiana, those who are injured are likely to face medical expenses, lost wages and other problems that make workers’ compensation a necessity. A worker can suffer injuries in any kind of job, but there are certain types of employment in which a worker is automatically in danger due to the requirements inherent in the occupation. Law enforcement is one such job.

While officers are at risk regardless of what they are doing, circumstances are important and some injuries occur not when responding to a call or making an arrest, but when as part of a motorcade performing security. After an accident with injuries, it is important to remember the steps necessary to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

An example of just such a situation occurred when three motorcycle officers were injured in a motorcycle crash as they escorted the motorcade of President Donald J. Trump.

The accident occurred in the afternoon at around 2 p.m. The president was in Louisiana to take a tour of an energy project. According to the reports, three deputies were injured. The motorcade was merging onto the interstate when motorcycles ahead slowed and sparked the crash. They were hospitalized. A deputy was seriously hurt and had surgery. He is expected to need another procedure. The others had minor injuries.

While this is a high-profile accident and injured law enforcement officers are expected to be cared for without worrying about their medical coverage and wages, there remains a possibility that there will be a disagreement as to the extent of their injuries and how long they will be off the job. Since injuries in a motorcycle accident can be serious and some might not be easily diagnosed, it is important for the injured parties and their families to have legal assistance. A law firm that has experience in workers’ compensation should be called for representation.


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