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Video shows operating room staff dropping newborn

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

For new parents in Louisiana and throughout the U.S., the excitement of having a newborn is undeniable. During the birth and in the immediate aftermath, it is easy to get caught up in the euphoria.

That joy, however, can cause people to gloss over the potential dangers that are inherent with any medical procedure, including birth.

Still, the mother and child can suffer serious injury and even death for a variety of reasons including a negligent operating room staff, a careless surgeon and much more. When there was a mistake during birth, victims do have legal options, including the option to file a lawsuit.

An Arizona couple is concerned that their newborn might have suffered a serious injury when she was dropped in the delivery room. The couple has the incident on video. The couple had kept the video to themselves until the hospital did not satisfy them with an apology. The mother was having twins, and she went into labor prematurely in February. Right after birth, one of the babies was dropped onto a table and hit her head. The child was grabbed by another person in the room to stop her from going to the floor.

Initially, there were no issues with the child’s health. When the father asked the doctor about what happened, he says he was ignored. When confronted with the video evidence, the doctor did not comment.

The child suffered bleeding in the brain, which was not known to the parents as it was happening. They received that information six weeks after the birth. Although the baby’s health issue, a germinal matrix hemorrhage (GMH), is said to be common in premature babies, it remains possible that it happened because she was dropped. The parents plan to bring the child to be examined by a neurologist. The hospital is reviewing the incident.

When a baby suffers a head injury, it can take time to determine how much damage was done. If the parents witnessed the mistake or the injury taking place and even has video evidence of it, it is a significant part of the process to consider a legal filing. Before anything arises where the baby’s development is hindered, it is important to have the baby fully examined by experts. It is also wise to discuss a possible lawsuit with a firm experienced in medical malpractice and birth injuries.


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