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September 2017 Archives

Pulmonary embolism can be fatal if it is misdiagnosed

Louisianans who make sure they are on top of their health will understand that there are issues that only a doctor and various testing procedures can catch. If, for example, a person goes to a doctor with pain in a certain area of the body that is not excruciating, he or she might be under the impression that it is not serious. However, when a doctor conducts an examination and does the necessary tests, it is possible that something serious will be found. It can then be treated before it causes injury or even death. But there are times when a doctor will commit a misdiagnosis of a fatal condition. This can happen in medical situations such as a pulmonary embolism. When there is a mistake that led to a death due to a pulmonary embolism, the family left behind should know what to do in the aftermath.

Unusual workplace accident sends construction worker to ICU

Workplace accidents in Louisiana can vary in myriad ways. Even a workplace accident that sounds difficult to believe really happened can lead to significant injuries and even fatalities. Those who are hurt on the job will often face many different issues after the fact. This is when workers' compensation is vital to provide medical coverage, income and compensation for the short and, if necessary, long-term. Having legal assistance in these matters is often imperative to get all workers' compensation benefits a person is entitled to.

Louisiana hit-and-run kills man on bicycle

When there is a car crash in Louisiana, there can be injuries and fatalities. While some accidents happen due to driver behavior, others are simply a matter of circumstance. Regardless of the reason for the accident, one foundational fact is that the drivers involved should remain at the scene to exchange insurance information, call for emergency assistance if necessary and make certain that everyone is safe. Unfortunately, some choose not to do that. When there are car accidents with a hit-and-run, it is even more important for those who were affected by it to have legal help from start to end.

Which injuries qualify for workers' comp?

If you are a worker who has been injured on the job, you may be wondering how you will get by with unexpected costs and a lack of income. Luckily, the workers' compensation insurance program exists to aid injured workers with financial benefits to pay for medical costs and lost income.

Study: Texting and driving and distractions rise near schools

In Louisiana and throughout the nation, distracted driving is a problem that is simply not going away. Despite attempts on the part of government agencies and law enforcement to discourage drivers from operating their vehicles while distracted, it is an ongoing issue that causes injuries, deaths and substantial damage. Researchers are consistently examining data and formulating methods to measure the scope of the issue. One recent study shows that the practice is even more dangerous to the most vulnerable victims than previously thought.

Machine exposes children to possible serious injury after surgery

Surgical procedures are worrisome for people in Louisiana regardless of the kind of surgery it is. It is not just the procedure itself, but that there is always the chance that there will be a mistake made by a doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist or anyone else involved. A machine might not work correctly. Other mishaps can occur. This can result in worsened condition, serious injury and even death. When this happens, those who were affected must be cognizant of their right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Worker killed in construction site accident

Construction is a prominent source of employment in Louisiana and there are many benefits to it. People who work in the industry take pride in their jobs and contribute a great deal to the state. However, that does not eliminate the reality that there is a litany of risks that go along with the work. Heavy machinery, large tools, working at great heights and with large vehicles places workers and passersby in jeopardy. If there is an accident at a construction site, there can be severe injuries and death. Those who have been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one should be aware of how to file a workers' compensation claim.

Fatal accident claims the life of Louisiana bicyclist

People who are on the Louisiana roads must always be cautious whether they are driving, walking, riding a bicycle or doing anything else. An accident can happen in an instant and lead to significant injuries and death. Those who are not in a vehicle and are hit by one are particularly vulnerable to injuries and fatalities. People who suffer the loss of a loved one in an accident should know how to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit to pursue compensation.

Understanding how medical expenses are paid after a work injury

Louisiana workers who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses might have questions and concerns as to how the medical expenses will be covered through workers' compensation. There are certain facts that people need to know as they are receiving medical care for their issues. Some are important to the worker in the initial stages. Others are more in-depth and are related to forms that must be filled out before payments are made.

Car accidents and its factors contribute to high insurance rates

Louisianans who are in a car accident and suffer injuries or have lost a loved one who was in a crash will have a lot to consider after the fact. One issue that comes up is seeking compensation. Often, insurance is a major factor in the case. Insurance rates across the nation might not seem to be a consideration in the initial aftermath of an accident, but this can be an important factor as insurance rates are largely contingent on several factors that can be important in what causes a car accident and how to deal with it.

Legal help after a workplace neck or back injury

Louisiana workers who suffer a neck or back injury because of their job will quickly learn how debilitating these injuries can be. The neck and back are involved in so many different movements and activities, that simply getting up in the morning can be an exercise in endless pain. Working can be difficult if not outright impossible. For those who are suffering from these injuries, workers' compensation benefits can be a lifeline, providing payments for lost time at work and medical care. However, getting these workers' compensation benefits can sometimes be problematic, leading workers to seek the assistance of an attorney.

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