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Worker killed in construction site accident

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Construction is a prominent source of employment in Louisiana and there are many benefits to it. People who work in the industry take pride in their jobs and contribute a great deal to the state. However, that does not eliminate the reality that there is a litany of risks that go along with the work. Heavy machinery, large tools, working at great heights and with large vehicles places workers and passersby in jeopardy. If there is an accident at a construction site, there can be severe injuries and death. Those who have been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one should be aware of how to file a workers’ compensation claim.

One construction worker was killed and another suffered critical injuries as they worked on a site that is building a new volleyball facility. The accident happened at around 6:00 a.m. when a concrete pump came loose in the ground and tipped over, hitting the men. Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were on the scene to see what happened. It is believed that the arm of the pump bent forward as the ground loosened. The worker who died was employed by a local contractor. There was another worker who was operating the pump at the time of the incident.

Workers’ compensation claims can provide no-fault benefits to those affected by workplace accidents. These can include medical expenses and lost wages, two areas that are crucial for surviving family members of such horrific incidents.

In this incident, two workers were hurt when a concrete pump fell on them. One died and the other suffered critical injuries. Although the incident is being investigated by OSHA and other entities, people in situations such as this one may want to discuss their options with a lawyer so they can proceed forward with the best course of action possible.

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