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Unusual workplace accident sends construction worker to ICU

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace accidents in Louisiana can vary in myriad ways. Even a workplace accident that sounds difficult to believe really happened can lead to significant injuries and even fatalities. Those who are hurt on the job will often face many different issues after the fact. This is when workers’ compensation is vital to provide medical coverage, income and compensation for the short and, if necessary, long-term. Having legal assistance in these matters is often imperative to get all workers’ compensation benefits a person is entitled to.

An employee at a construction site at an airport was injured when he was in a portable toilet and a dump truck rolled over it. The accident happened at around 10:40 a.m. The man, age 28, was on his second day of work on a new terminal when the incident occurred. He was taken to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. The medical staff does not believe that his life is in danger.

The investigation states that the operator of the dump truck did not see the portable toilet as he backed up and hit it by accident. After impact, it subsequently rolled over the toilet. The man inside had pelvic fractures, internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. The investigation is ongoing, but charges are not expected. It is not determined whether there will be citations issued.

With any injury suffered on the job, it is a general belief that workers’ compensation will be available to take care of all the needs of the injured party. That is always not the case. If there is a dispute as to the way the injury occurred, the costs of the treatment, and disagreements as to how long the worker will and should be off the job, there can be problems with the benefits. Having legal assistance with any injury — whether it is a crush injury, a broken bone, soft-tissue or mental disorder — is vital to obtaining benefits.

In this accident, a dump truck backed over a portable toilet and injured the man who was inside. Although this sounds like a strange way to be injured when working on a construction project, that does not diminish the injured man’s rights to seek benefits. As he recovers, he and his family must ensure that he is taken care of medically and financially.

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