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Legal help after a workplace neck or back injury

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Louisiana workers who suffer a neck or back injury because of their job will quickly learn how debilitating these injuries can be. The neck and back are involved in so many different movements and activities, that simply getting up in the morning can be an exercise in endless pain. Working can be difficult if not outright impossible. For those who are suffering from these injuries, workers’ compensation benefits can be a lifeline, providing payments for lost time at work and medical care. However, getting these workers’ compensation benefits can sometimes be problematic, leading workers to seek the assistance of an attorney.

These injuries might be treatable by resting and receiving therapy. Surgery might be necessary and the person could be disabled for an extended period. There are many different injuries that can happen to the back and neck including disk herniation, fractures to the vertebrae, whiplash, a back strain, sciatica, spinal cord injuries and more. Workers who are suffering from injuries will often say that it is their back that they have hurt.

Frequently with a back or neck injury, when there is a workers’ compensation filing, there is a denial for benefits. Since back and neck injuries are not visible to the naked eye, it is easy to discount the claims of pain and disability that the worker says he or she is having. That does not make them any less real, but it can hinder an attempt to get benefits. Allegations of faking or making exaggerated claims are common. Having medical evidence as to how severe the injuries are as well as legal assistance in the case is imperative.

Receiving an approval for workers’ compensation after an initial denial can result in past and future medical expenses being paid for, surgical procedures and other treatments. From the time the benefits are sought, it is wise to have legal advice. If there was no legal assistance and the claim was denied, it does not mean that the case cannot eventually be approved. Discussing a case with a lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation can help from start to finish.


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