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Can Lake Charles residents request traffic signs for unsafe areas?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Personal Injury

The Louisiana State University’s Center for Analytics & Research in Transportation Safety reported over 148,000 auto accidents in 2022 in the state. One of the ways to help prevent accidents is proper signage on roadways.

Whether the sign warns of children playing or alerts traffic to the speed limit, it can be a tool that helps to reduce hazardous traffic conditions. It is often the residents in an area who help bring attention to the need for signage. So, Lake Charles residents do have two options for requesting traffic signs to help make their neighborhoods safer.

Requests to Public Works

Public Works handles requests for certain road signs. If a resident wants to request a speed limit sign for a specific area, then he or she should make a request to this department. Other signs, such as those alerting for children or pedestrians or road markers are also something Public Works handles, so residents should send all requests to this office.

Requests to city council

Many signs require the approval of the city council. Signs that will alter traffic flow, such as stop or yield signs, require a new ordinance. Residents should contact their council members to make a request for these types of signs so that the council can make an informed decision about adding a new sign. City council also must approve and make decisions on the installation of new no-parking signs.

It is important to note that these rules apply to requesting new signs. If there is an existing sign that requires repair, then residents can make a report to the police or directly to Public Works.


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