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4 things drivers can do to prevent biking accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Personal Injury

Biking has many uses. Cyclists can enjoy outdoor activities while staying fit. People who are eco-friendly or don’t want to pay for gas and car insurance have cheaper options for commuting by using bikes. 

However, many cyclists are vulnerable to car collisions. Drivers can take measures to prevent biking accidents. Here’s how:

Use the ‘Dutch Reach’

Some biking accidents happen because a car door will open in the path of a cyclist. When this happens, the cyclist may not have time to avoid the obstacle, which can cause them to crash and fly over the door. Cyclists could suffer from traumatic injuries when this happens. 

The Dutch Reach can be used to prevent such accidents. The Dutch Reach is a simple maneuver that involves people using their furthest hand to open car doors from the inside. While that may not seem like a big change, using this technique allows people to see behind them and spot cyclists.  

Share the road with cyclists

Many roads have sidewalks or bike lanes, which help give cyclists space. Some roads don’t provide safe places for cyclists to ride on. Drivers may need to be cautious and provide extra room when cyclists have no other option but to ride on the road. 

Obey the speed limit

While it’s always important to obey the speed limit, drivers should be especially cautious when driving around cyclists. Even drivers who obey the speed limit may need to consider reducing their speed to match cyclists until they can safely drive around them.

Drive with lights on at night

While cars have many lights to alert other drivers of their presence at night, most bikes don’t. Many bikes have reflective lights or tape, but these only work when vehicles use their lights in the dark. 

Biking accidents can lead to serious injuries, damages and death. A cyclist who has suffered injuries after a car collision may need to learn about their legal options for compensation. 



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