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August 2018 Archives

Study finds

The advent of smartphones and other mobile devices gave drivers a potentially dangerous new kind of distraction, and authorities say it has led to many new auto accidents. In recent years, lawmakers and law enforcement personnel have struggled with ways to reduce the danger of distracted driving. They have passed new laws, ramped up enforcement and launched educational campaigns. Still, people keep looking at their phones instead of the road in front of them, sometimes with tragic results. The National Safety Council estimates that cellphone use is involved in 26 percent of all traffic accidents.

Car crash with school bus sends four kids to hospital

Parents in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana place the lives of their children in the hands of a school bus driver every day. They are trusting that the company entrusted to screen school bus drivers, the driver him or herself and others on the road will be caring and vigilant when encountering a school bus. While most will take this seriously, there are still incidents in which there is a school bus versus car crash. Since these accidents involve children, it is imperative that their parents understand the importance of considering a legal filing.

Pedestrian hit by car in front of store dies in fatal accident

Lake Charles residents must stay aware of pedestrians. There are other locations where pedestrians are at an increased risk. But, wherever a person is hit, it can lead to severe injuries or a wrongful death. For people who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a fatal accident, a law firm that is experienced in investigating pedestrian accidents in any location can help with pursuing compensation.

Study shows significant number of teens are texting and driving

In Louisiana and across the nation, teens are considered some of the most dangerous drivers on the road. As technology and access to it has increased, the basic risks of being a teen driver - inexperience, lack of awareness, recklessness, negligence - are being compounded by the propensity for being a distracted driver. Research is examining the prevalence of teens who text and drive and a recent study indicates that the problem is significant in the U.S.

Study says parents' negligent driver behaviors influence teens

It is an easy assumption for Louisiana drivers who obey the law and operate their vehicles in a safe and cautious manner to think that people who behave recklessly are making a conscious choice. However, research is useful to determine why people might drive in a dangerous way. The circumstances of the crash are key when the injured person and his or her family think about pursuing compensation in a legal filing. One recent study suggests that teenage drivers and how they behave behind the wheel is heavily influenced by parents and negligent driver behaviors behind the wheel.

Fatal accident after pickup's U-turn claims life of motorcyclist

Louisiana motorcyclists face consistent danger when out on the road. The risks are inherent due to the recklessness, negligence and behaviors of drivers of conventional vehicles. To make matters worse, motorcyclists are exceedingly vulnerable to injuries and wrongful death when they are in a crash. After a fatal accident, the family that is forced to cope with the unexpected and untimely loss of a loved one will want answers. A legal filing can help to get those answers and recover compensation for the fatality.

You can avoid pain and suffering in your offshore oil rig job

When you signed up for a job on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana, you probably expected it to be tough work in hazardous conditions. Deckhands, mechanics, operators and other crew on fixed platforms and offshore drilling rigs can suffer permanent and life-threatening injuries. Although your employer is responsible for your safety, it might be smart of you to gain knowledge of the most common safety risks and look out for your own safety.

Studies show risk of auto accidents is high in August

Louisianans who head out on the road might not think about the possibility of being in a car accident, but accidents happen every day and it is wise to be cautious and aware of the potential risks. In fact, there are certain dates that are more dangerous than others.

Woman suffers serious injuries from boat propeller

For many in Lake Charles, the height of summer enjoyment is water-based activities. While this is generally viewed as a safe activity, there are still dangers. Any vehicle carries a certain amount of danger. It is vital that boaters obey the law. Unfortunately, many do not, and accidents with injuries and fatalities happen. But, a lawsuit can be useful to recover compensation to pay for medical costs and other damages.

Lake Charles car crash sends 2 to hospital

There are many causes of auto accidents in Lake Charles. When a driver makes a wrong turn, does not account for the diminishing speed of vehicles ahead of them, operates the vehicle at excessive speeds, is reckless or makes other mistakes in judgment or poor decisions, there can be a car crash. Any auto accident can result in injuries and fatalities. Those who have suffered injuries in an accident should remember that a legal filing can help with recovering compensation for all that was lost.

Louisiana tops list for serious injury leading to maternal death

Having a child is an exciting time. This often obscures the reality that there are many of the same dangers involved with having a baby as there are with other medical procedures. Even more problematic is the number of maternal fatalities in the United States. Although perceived as one of the most, if not the most technologically advanced country in the world, recent research found that the U.S. is the riskiest place to give birth of all the developed countries.

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