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Car crash with school bus sends four kids to hospital

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Car Accidents

Parents in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana place the lives of their children in the hands of a school bus driver every day. They are trusting that the company entrusted to screen school bus drivers, the driver him or herself and others on the road will be caring and vigilant when encountering a school bus. While most will take this seriously, there are still incidents in which there is a school bus versus car crash. Since these accidents involve children, it is imperative that their parents understand the importance of considering a legal filing.

An accident between a car and a school bus led to several children being treated for injuries. The accident occurred at an intersection. The car, heading west, reportedly ran a red light and hit the bus as it was heading south. There were approximately 40 students on the bus. It was transporting middle-school students. Four were hurt and taken to the hospital for treatment. Their injuries were said to be minor. The driver of the car was also hurt and taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries. The investigation into the bus vs. car accident is ongoing.

Any motor vehicle accident can cause damage with injuries, medical expenses, lost time on the job and other problems. When the accident involves children, the issues can be exponentially worse. While the injuries will frequently not be viewed as severe at first, there can be lingering effects from an accident that can cause long-term issues. This can mean the need for extended care and more. Having legal help with the full investigation is one of the key factors toward determining if a legal filing is necessary and it can help in securing adequate compensation.

A car went through a red light and crashed into a bus that was carrying middle-school children. Four of the children were said to be injured, but the parents of all the children on the bus must be aware of the possibility that their kids were hurt and the injuries were not immediately visible. Consulting with a law firm that has experience in helping victims of car accidents can be essential to a legal filing and should be done immediately.


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