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July 2017 Archives

U.S. 90 has one of nation's highest rates for fatal car accidents

Louisiana drivers and people in proximity to various roadways will undoubtedly have anecdotal evidence of the dangers of certain areas. When this is combined with statistical evidence, it becomes clear that some roads are riskier than others. Such is the case with U.S. Highway 90. This road runs through the state for close to 300 miles and serves multiple areas.

Fatal boating accident claims life of fisherman on charter boat

Boating and activities on the water are an integral part of life in Louisiana. Not only do residents of the state enjoy these activities - swimming, fishing, boating - but visitors come from all over to take part as well. While most of these activities are safe, there are also a fair number of accidents that occur when people are out on the water. Even those who are taking care to ensure they are behaving safely can find themselves injured or killed in a boating accident. Having legal assistance from an attorney who has experience in admiralty & maritime law is a key part of filing a case to be compensated.

Legal help is imperative after a watercraft accident

While Louisiana's waterways provide economic benefit to workers, attracts tourists to the state, and fun activities for people young and old, there remains the potential for a watercraft accident, a boat collision, serious injuries and fatalities. For those who have been affected by being injured themselves or have lost a loved one in this type of incident, having legal assistance to pursue compensation is imperative.

Important points about workers' compensation medical services

Louisiana workers who suffer workplace injuries or have a medical issue due to the type of work that they do will undoubtedly understand their eligibility for workers' compensation benefits. When receiving medical treatment, however, there is frequently a gap between knowing that they can get it and what kind of treatment they are entitled to. Such factors as doctor selection, a disagreement between medical professionals regarding the condition, medical bills and anything else that comes up can cause fear and worry when the worker should be thinking about getting well. Having a grasp of these issues is important.

What constitutes medical malpractice?

If you feel as if you have been injured at the hands of an incompetent doctor, you may be wondering what your options are. Is the injury you received an actionable medical negligence claim or is it an honest accident? Is the injury directly traceable to the physician or could it have been brought about by a number of causes? These are the questions you may be asking yourself as you consider what steps to take next in your potential medical malpractice lawsuit.

Understanding workers' compensation and who is covered

Sometimes the most basic aspects of an issue are glossed over. This does not make them any less important. Workers' compensation benefits are one such issue. Understanding what workers' compensation is and who is covered by it is vital for when Louisiana workers have a situation that requires use of these benefits.

Drunk driver injures law enforcement officer in car crash

A car accident can affect anyone in Louisiana, even those whose job it is to help others. This applies to first responders like law enforcement, emergency technicians, tow truck drivers and more. Car accidents do not discriminate and the aftermath can have the same issues for all. Anyone who suffers injuries or loses a loved one in a collision should be aware that they have the same rights as others to file a claim to receive compensation.

Boating accident statistics are rising in Louisiana

Louisiana state and governmental authorities understand that there are many people who enjoy the warm weather of the summer on the water with boating activities. While most people are cautious, they also know there are dangers involved with the activity and boat accidents will still occur. A boating accident can cause serious injuries and even death. With the summer a busy time for boating, the National Safe Boating Council is encouraging people to be safe.

Doctors working longer hospital hours could cause serious injury

When a Lake Charles resident goes to the hospital for treatment of an illness, condition or injury, there is an expectation that the medical professionals there will not only be competent and knowledgeable, but that they will not be hindered by long work hours and these will negatively affect their abilities. However, those work hours could present a problem as a recently implemented set of rules allows medical professionals to work for a far longer period than they did in the past. Patients who have suffered serious injury or a worsened condition and the loved ones of those who might have been severely harmed must be aware of this new rule to determine if there was a connection.

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