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Fatal boating accident claims life of fisherman on charter boat

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

Boating and activities on the water are an integral part of life in Louisiana. Not only do residents of the state enjoy these activities – swimming, fishing, boating – but visitors come from all over to take part as well. While most of these activities are safe, there are also a fair number of accidents that occur when people are out on the water. Even those who are taking care to ensure they are behaving safely can find themselves injured or killed in a boating accident. Having legal assistance from an attorney who has experience in admiralty & maritime law is a key part of filing a case to be compensated.

A man died and three others were injured when a charter boat they had rented to go fishing hit an underwater well head. The accident happened at around 11:00 p.m. The man who died was 36 and from Texas. The other two men had minor injuries. The occupants of the boat included a captain and six passengers. The case is under investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Whether out on the water as part of a leisure activity or due to work, it is imperative to understand what to do if there is an accident with injuries or a fatal boating accident. Medical costs can accumulate, the injured party could have long-term damage and be unable to function normally and a fatality can leave a family without a loved one whose presence was essential to their personal and financial lives. A boating accident can happen to people who are experienced and novices alike.

While many accidents are perceived to happen with people operating their own water vessel, this crash occurred on a charter boat with a captain. This shows that there is always a looming risk when out on the water. Since a man was killed because of the crash, it is important for his family to consider a legal case. Discussing the matter with a legal professional who grasps all aspects of accidents on the water is the first step toward litigation and compensation.

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