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3 Louisiana traffic laws within school zones

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2023 | Car Accidents

Drivers should observe traffic laws throughout Louisiana. But some laws change in school zones. With children crossing and moving around school zones, drivers are required to be extra careful. 

Here are three examples of rules that are unique to school zones:

Use of wireless telecommunications devices is prohibited

Louisiana drivers can use wireless telecommunication devices. But this is prohibited within school zones. 

Note that the use of wireless telecommunications includes:

  • Accessing, reading or posting to a social networking site
  • Talking or listening on a wireless telecommunications device
  • Writing, sending or reading text-based communication.

A wireless telecommunications device is any device readily removable from the vehicle, such as a cellular telephone or a stand-alone computer. Devices or components permanently attached to the vehicle, such as hands-free telephone or radio, are not considered wireless telecommunication devices in this context.

Operating a wireless telecommunications device is prohibited during the posted hours

Drivers in Louisiana cannot operate wireless telecommunications devices within school zones during the posted hours. These include engaging in a call, accessing, reading or posting to a social networking site and writing, reading or sending a text-based communication. 

But there are exceptions to this regulation. A driver can operate a wireless telecommunications device within a school zone during the posted hours while their vehicle is lawfully parked or when reporting an accident, medical emergency, a personal threat and perpetration or potential perpetration of a criminal act to them or another person.

Operators of authorized emergency vehicles are also exempted from this rule, provided they operate the device in an official capacity. 

No overtaking

Drivers of vehicles on a two-lane highway or street within a school zone are not allowed to overtake during posted hours.

If a driver violates these laws and injures you within a school zone, get legal help to understand the steps to take.   



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