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August 2019 Archives

Benefits payable under Louisiana's workers' compensation program

For a worker who is injured on the job, benefits received under the state's workers' compensation program are a vital source of financial support, not only for that injured worker but also for the worker's family. According to the current laws in Louisiana, an injured worker, or the family of a worker who was killed on the job, is entitled to certain benefits under Louisiana's workers' compensation program.

Proving fault in a negligence lawsuit

In everyday life, the connotation of the word negligence is nothing but recklessness. In legal form it defines a situation in which a person fails to act in a careful manner which the person as a reasonable man should act and that results in somebody else suffering injury or damage of properties. Claim of negligence is the most standard form of personal injury lawsuit in the country. However, it is always complex to interpret negligence in a personal injury case as it involves a comprehensive legal examination of the elements of negligence in relation to scenarios involved in a particular case.

Workers' compensation per the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act

A continental shelf is that portion of a continent which is submerged under relatively shallow waters along the coastline of that continent. The continental shelf of the United States comprises the seabed and subsoil of the submarine areas over which coastal states of the United States exercise sovereign rights. The outer continental shelf, on the other hand, comprises parts of the U.S. continental shelf that do not fall under the jurisdiction of any individual state. These outer continental shelves are often rich in natural resources such as oil and gas. As a result, several government and private organizations engage a large workforce in these marine areas for the purpose of exploring and developing those natural resources.

LA man arrested on vehicular homicide, DWI and other charges

Driving after drinking or taking drugs is extremely hazardous and often lethal. Intoxication can slow the function of the brain, weaken visual aptitude, and cause one to lose sense of space and time. It impairs fine motor skills and reduces reaction times of a person. Yet it still continues to take place across the country and Louisiana is no exception to it.

One dead, driver arrested after hit and run crash

A Caddo Parish man has been arrested and is in jail in connection with a hit and run crash that killed a man from Natchitoches Parish. According to reports released by Sheriff's Office, the crash occurred on Louisiana Highway 117 near Vernon Wester Road in Provencal.

Workers' compensation per the provisions of the LHWCA

The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act is a workers' compensation program for workers employed in U.S. navigable waters or in a U.S. harbor. The federal Office of Workers' Compensation Programs administers this program across the country. This blog will help our readers in Lake Charles and nearby areas in Louisiana to understand the provisions based on which compensation under the LHWCA is determined, both in case of a disabling workplace injury and in case of a workplace death.

Can I recover compensation if I was partly at fault?

In many personal injury cases involving car accidents, it's apparent that the defendant acted negligently while the plaintiff did nothing wrong. In many other cases, both parties did something wrong. Can injured plaintiffs recover compensation even if they were partly at fault in their accident?

Tow truck driver injuries are often caused by third parties

There is typically an underappreciation for the roles tow truck operators play in keeping others safe. They put their lives on the line at crash scenes or to help stranded motorists. If you are one of the thousands of tow truck drivers in Louisiana, you will work at all hours. You will brave adverse weather conditions to be the lifeline for broken down or crashed trucks and cars.

Researchers find misdiagnosis a huge, hidden threat

We all know that doctors are under pressure to see as many patients as they can, but when medical care providers are not thorough enough in checking what is wrong with their patients, they can miss the real problem. Sometimes, they can prescribe treatment for one condition, while completely missing a more serious condition. As a result, this undetected condition goes untreated and gets worse. Sometimes, the patient doesn't know about this condition until it has grown extremely serious and difficult to treat.

Damages in unseaworthiness actions

When most Louisiana workers are injured on the job, they can receive benefits through the state's workers' compensation system. The benefits should cover their medical expenses and lost wages during the time they are unable to return to work. Workers' compensation is a no-fault system, so the injured workers don't have to prove that their employer did anything wrong; they just have to show that they were injured in the course of their employment.

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