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LA man arrested on vehicular homicide, DWI and other charges

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Driving after drinking or taking drugs is extremely hazardous and often lethal. Intoxication can slow the function of the brain, weaken visual aptitude, and cause one to lose sense of space and time. It impairs fine motor skills and reduces reaction times of a person. Yet it still continues to take place across the country and Louisiana is no exception to it.

In a recent such case, a 39-year-old woman was killed on the scene from injuries she sustained in a fatal accident along La. 77 last week. According to Louisiana State Police Troop A, the causing driver, a 39-year-old man from Plaquemine, was driving a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado eastbound on La. 77 and he crossed the divider and struck the vehicle of the woman head-on. The victim, also from Plaquemine, was driving a 2016 Nissan Altima and was declared dead on the scene.

The driver and the passenger of the Chevrolet also suffered injuries in the crash and were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Reportedly, the driver was arrested soon after he was released from the hospital after treatment. He was arrested on charges of vehicular homicide, DWI, possession of Schedule drugs and other charges such as driving left of center and driving under suspension and in custody at Iberville Parish Jail.

Considering threats involved with driving while intoxicated, impaired driving is a criminal offense in Louisiana and other states in the country. It is often punishable by charges varying from misdemeanors to felony offenses. The penalties can include hefty fines, driving license revocation and even jail time.

On the other hand, the victims of a motor vehicle collision who have suffered injuries due to the negligence or misconduct of another individual can claim compensation for the personal losses and the financial sufferings. In the case of the loss of a loved one, the family members of the victim can file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible. However, taking into account the procedures, timelines and other legal nuances, the aggrieved parties may seek assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to examine their legal rights and potential case.


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