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Legal help to fight negligent truck companies

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Car Accidents

Louisianans can suffer catastrophic injuries and fatalities in any kind of auto accident, but some of the most dangerous wrecks are those that involve large trucks. These vehicles perform a desperately needed service in making deliveries of various items across the nation, however this fact does not eliminate the dangers inherent with them. Because they are so massive, travel at significant speeds, and their drivers are required to go great distances, these trucks can cause severe damage in an accident.

Those who are involved in a truck accident, especially those in smaller vehicles, will inevitably get the worst of it. There can be head injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts, and worse. In many instances, those in the smaller vehicle will suffer lifetime damage or be killed. If it is later discovered that there were issues with the truck itself, then a truck company may be on the hook for improper maintenance.

A truck company can be negligent in a number of ways. If the vehicle was not properly maintained with brake inspections, tire checks, and other potential defects, then the company may be deemed responsible for the accident. There can also be missteps with hiring drivers. A trucker with a commercial license needs to have certain training to be allowed on the road in a big rig. If they are not properly trained, have a history of dangerous and illegal acts, have not been screened, or the company does not adhere to the regulations set out by the federal government, this too can be justification for a lawsuit against a truck company.

There are many ways to determine what mistakes were made and how they could have contributed to a truck crash. The trucker’s log could show that the driver did not follow hours of service regulations, or the vehicle itself could have had obvious flaws that should have been discovered and addressed. After a truck crash, a victim will likely have pain and suffering, lost income, medical costs, and other damages. If there was a fatality, then surviving family members might need help making ends meet and moving forward in a financial and emotional way. Legal assistance is often key to recovering compensation for these losses. A law firm that specializes in truck and car accidents may prove beneficial in dealing with these matters.


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