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Auto accident statistics for trucks stay flat even with new rules

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Car Accidents

With so many semi-trucks on the road and the potential hazards they can cause, these commercial vehicles and their operators face additional government rules and regulations. Safety measures are constantly implemented in an attempt to reduce the chance of these crashes, but it takes time to determine how successful they are.

In recent years, the amount of time truckers spent on the road was an ongoing concern and rules were enacted to try and regulate it. A new study, however, indicates that these implementations have not impacted safety and reduced truck accidents.

Electronic Logging Devices are now required in trucks. This was done to ensure that drivers were not flouting the rules regarding hours of service and the amount of time they can spend on the road. The research has indicated that drivers might be adhering to the ELD requirements but are driving more recklessly to make up for time lost by not being able to go beyond the legal limits.

The study looked at crash statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and found that there was no reduction in accidents after the implementation of mandatory ELDs. For larger trucking companies, there was a rise in accidents after ELDs were required. These companies already had these devices before it was fully mandated. Smaller companies that were required to implement the ELDs saw a change, as many did not have these devices prior to the law.

Most truckers were found to stay within the service time rules as citations reduced by more than 36 percent when there was “light” enforcement at the start. When law enforcement became stricter, that reduced by more than half. Troublingly, there was a rise of more than one-third of violations due to unsafe behaviors. Speeding rose by up to 31 percent. The goal of the ELD rules was to reduce the chance of driver fatigue, but operators were found trying the make up for lost time on the road by driving faster, which raises a slew of other risks to those sharing the road with them.

People who were injured in a crash with a truck will inevitably face medical expenses, lost wages from being unable to work, and other issues that could last a lifetime. Fatalities can deprive a family of a loved one and leave them with unexpected costs and a drastically changed life. A legal claim can be critical to recovering compensation for all that was lost. A law firm that understands how to pursue a case after truck or car accidents may be of assistance in this process.


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