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Can I hold a ridesharing driver liable in car crash?

We hear relatives and friends talking about the ease that ridehailing companies have brought into our lives — get a car to your door with an app, and then get dropped off wherever you need to go. Users do not have to worry about parking or adding money to the meter, all without hailing a taxi. For Louisiana residents with free time and need to make extra cash, working for one of these companies is also attractive — allowing one to earn more money from the comfort of one’s car.

However, as vehicles sharing the road, it is inevitable that vehicles collide with one another and injuries and property damage result. In a traditional car accident, the insurance company of either the accident victim or the driver who caused the accident is held accountable. But, what happens if one is injured in a crash with a ridehailing or ridesharing company? Who is liable?

When the driver is driving for a ridesharing company, their personal insurance will most likely not cover them. Almost all companies have excluded coverage, if the driver is driving for commercial activities. What next?

The ridehailing company can be approached — many of the top companies offer $1 million in primary liability coverage, if the driver accepted a fare and was on the way to pick them up or drop them off. But, what happens if the accident took place when the application was open, but no fare accepted?

This is the grey area, the area where accident victims are left going in circles as both personal insurance policy providers and companies are hesitant to cover this area. Some of the top companies do offer scaled down policies during this period, but not all of them and not enough to cover serious injuries.

If someone is injured in a car accident, the last thing they want to do is figure out the aforementioned gray area. They need to focus on their recovery, not run after insurance companies and figure out what laws apply in their home state. An experienced attorney may be able to guide car accident victims through the process of getting compensated for injuries.


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